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Bill-C7, which amended the Criminal Code to permit MAID for individuals whose natural death is not reasonably foreseeable, was recently passed in Canada. What impact do you think this will have?
Why is confidentiality important for physicians? In what cases should physicians breach confidentiality? Have you ever had to break confidentiality in your life? Why or why not?
What are issues that people living with addiction face during a pandemic? What are some solutions to these problems?
What is the Jordan principle? What are some long-term benefits of this principle to a child’s life?
You are an attending physician who works at a busy hospital. Patient X frequently ignores the medical advice given by you and seems to dislike being in the hospital. How would you go about handling such patient encounters?
Your little cousin needs to complete 40 hours of volunteering for his school. He thinks volunteering is useless and serves no purpose since you don't get paid for it. What would you say to convince him of the benefits of volunteering?
What do you think are the long-term benefits of the Jordan principle, for the indigenous community on a population level?
Most Canadians have been vaccinated against COVID-19. Why do you think some Canadians are choosing not to get the vaccine?
What are some difficulties faced by physicians during the pandemic?
Physicians are using social media to grow their network, showcase their lifestyle, and share medical tips and tricks. What are some positives and negatives of this increased exposure of physicians on social media?
Your friend tells you that he wants to take an "Introduction to Spanish" course to boost his GPA even though he is a native Spanish speaker. Native speakers are not allowed to take the course. What do you tell your friend?
Can you tell me why a physician must also be a good collaborator, and provide examples?
What do you think health inequality means? What does health inequity mean? Have you ever felt treated unfairly in your own life?
Pick a health topic that is relevant to today’s society and discuss your thoughts on it.
Do you think physicians should lie or withhold the truth from their patients, even if its for the patient’s own good? What are some benefits to telling the truth?
You started your clerkship rotations coincidently with your best friend. In your conversations, he often mentions patients by name and gives details on their conditions as well as their behaviour. What are some ethical issues that may arise in such a situation?
Choose a health care debate and discuss both sides. Which side do you agree with most?
A 16-year-old child wants to have a procedure done but their parents disagree with this. What would you do as the teenager’s physician? Do you have to listen to the patient or the parents?
You are a surgeon, and you discharge a patient. She becomes ill and dies not long after. The family asks why you discharged her. How do you respond?
Aside from the Medical Expert role, select another CanMED role and discuss why you think it is the most important one for a physician.
What are some ways to reduce healthcare inequalities in Canada?
How would you go about convincing a parent who does not want to vaccinate their newborn?
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