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During your shift, you notice your preceptor is intoxicated. What do you do?
What are the difficult parts of being a physician?
Why do you want to be a doctor?
Social media platforms have been restricting content that is deemed discriminatory and offensive. What do you think about these practices?
What is your opinion on medicine and research?
You are a family physician. You notice bruises on your patient, a 10 year boy. What would you do?
Have you considered other careers besides being a physician?
During your final exams week, your grandmother calls and tells you she feels lonely. What would you do?
One of the patients hands you a basket of baked goods and wine for the holidays as a gift. What would you do?
What is the most important issue facing health care today?
What is your greatest weakness?
Tell me about the last time you were upset.
If you were on the admissions committee, what would be the most important thing you look for in a candidate?
You are a family physician and another physician at the clinic is dating one of their patients. What would you do?
Why do you wish to attend our medical school?
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