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Perfect for people just starting out. Figure out your best practice strategy and start improving.
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Extended Kit

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Perfect for people ready to improve and become critical. Access all essential practice tools in one place.
  • 5-minute responses to simulate the real MMI
  • Unlimited response links* to share with friends for feedback
  • Automated transcript generation to easily assess your responses
  • Unlimited prompt retries - try and try again.
  • Unlock all avatars to best suit your style
  • Dashboard to assess your responses side-by-side
  • Personal analytics designed to keep focused on your progress track
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Comprehensive Kit

Go beyond practice - simulate the MMI. Use full MMI sets for realistic practice. Excel and standout from other candidates.
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Complete Kit

Past admissions reviewers use medical school admission rubrics to provide feedback.

Receive a personalized plan to identify strong and weak areas. Multiple reviewers with many perspectives for mastery. Be the best candidate in record time.
  • Everything in Comprehensive
  • Complete MMI Set III*
  • Complete MMI Set IV*
  • Complete MMI Set V*
  • 1 hour of feedback for a full MMI Set*
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92% of users who finished our Complete Kit were admitted to a Canadian Medical School.

88% of users who finished our Complete Kit were admitted to a Canadian Physician Assistant Program.
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"I'm so glad I found this. It's made the interview phase so much better for me. I actually feel ready for my interview now!"
Margaret - Grad student
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"What a great platform! I'm currently practicing for my MMI at UofT and so far have found it to be very helpful. Great UI and realistic MMI stations. Thank you!"
natteardi - Reddit user
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"This website is a godsend, I wish I  found this earlier."
Greg - 4th year UofT Bio
"Getting constructive feedback never felt so easy after using Videoath."
Nicky - 5th time applicant
"Practicing and having your feedback all in your dashboard saves me so much time in between shifts. Thank you!!"
Amber - Nurse