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Which of these five paths best describes you?

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The Crammer

Meet Alex, a dental school applicant in Canada. With an interview in just 3 days, he's frantically reviewing procedures and patient care, cramming in about 2 days of practice.

The Overachievers

Meet John, a med school aspirant in the U.S. who feels he "Needs to learn more" about her upcoming MCAT. With just two weeks left, he's all in, practicing almost every day.

The Long-Term Planners

Meet Sarah, a Canadian nursing school candidate who feels she "Needs to learn more" before her licensing exam. With about six weeks to go, she's pacing himself, practicing more than 5 days a week.

The Anxious Procrastinators

Meet Amir, a pharmacy student in the U.S. who feels "Anxious" about his tests, which are more than three weeks away. He's practicing less frequently and is anxious about his preparation.


Access libraries of resources

Stay up to date with the latest resources that will help you ace your next interview. Stand out from the crowd with these great finds.


Simulate a realistic interview

Access hundreds of interview questions posed by real professionals and students in the medical field. Hone your listening skills and learn how to respond quickly and timely.


Practice in a private and safe space

Running interview simulations in the comfort of your own home lets you be vulnerable so you can learn faster. Stay calm on interview day knowing you’ve done this before.

Private feedback.
Tracked progress.

Share your responses with friends, family, and mentors. With a team of past admission experts, we score and give feedback using the rubric of medical schools. Want to see your percentile score?