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Say what you meant to say β€” the first time. Practice interview questions, have expert reviewers give you the feedback you need, and ace your next medical interview.

- Closed-file panel interviews (interviewers do not have access to your OMSAS file or any essays, 3-person panel consisting of a physician, a community member, and a senior medical student).

- Typical panel question types: ethical scenarios, situational questions, personal life experiences, curveball questions

- 30 to 45 minutes interview. Similar to Uottawa panel except more of a focus on personal questions

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What is your greatest strength and greatest weakness? Which one is more important to you?
What health issue are you most passionate about? Why?
Medical students are involved with many extracurricular activities. Choose one and talk about it.
The Cannabis Act came into action. Were there any concerns with how this was handled?
What is the Jordan principle? What are some long-term benefits of this principle to a child’s life?
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