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University of Texas Values and Mission Statement

The University of Texas at Austin (Main Campus)

  • Values:
  1. Discovering new and vital knowledge about information.
  2. Educating the next generation of leaders in the information professions.
  3. Developing new scholars.
  4. Improving society through service and collaboration.
  5. Applying human-centered values to all work.
  6. Information serving humanity, emphasizing the importance of access to reliable information for a functional society.
  7. A people-first perspective, designing information systems to enhance human and organizational capabilities.
  8. Using technology for social good, addressing the ethical and social implications of emerging technologies.
  9. Adopting an interdisciplinary approach to build information systems and shape information practices.
  10. Addressing grand challenges related to the Information Age.
  • Mission: "To achieve excellence in the interrelated areas of undergraduate education, graduate education, research and public service.".

Other UT Institutions

Each institution within the University of Texas system may have slightly differing missions statements tailored to their specific focus and location. For example, UT Southwestern Medical Center focuses on promoting health and a healthy society, educating physicians and scientists, conducting biomedical research, delivering medical care, and training residents.

Healthcare Issues to Be Familiar With for UT Interviews

Given the broad spectrum of expertise within the University of Texas system, applicants could encounter various topics depending on which department or discipline they are applying to. However, given the emphasis on societal impact and technological advances, understanding the following themes would likely prove beneficial:

  • Health Technology Innovation: How digital tools and artificial intelligence are reshaping medicine and patient outcomes.
  • Telehealth and Remote Care Delivery: Exploring the expansion of virtual care models during COVID-19 and their sustainability post-pandemic.
  • Population Health Management: Strategies for managing chronic diseases and reducing disparities in underserved populations.
  • Data Analytics in Medicine: Using large datasets to improve diagnostics, treatment plans, and resource allocation.
  • Intersectionality in Healthcare: Addressing the complex interactions between race, gender, age, income, disability status, etc., and their effects on health equity.

University of Texas Values and Mission Statement


The University of Texas (UT) aims to excel in various aspects of higher education, including undergraduate studies, postgraduate courses, scientific research, and community outreach. It emphasizes creating exceptional educational opportunities ranging from Bachelor's degrees up to Doctoral level qualifications and specialized professional fields. Additionally, UT seeks to contribute significantly to societal progress via groundbreaking research, artistic endeavors, and the sharing of newly acquired insights. Furthermore, the university plays a crucial role in enhancing the local economy, serving the population, and delivering valuable public services.


As per the official documents provided by the UT system, the following principles guide the operations and aspirations of the entire organization:

  • Access: Providing equal opportunity for individuals seeking higher education regardless of background or financial status.
  • Innovation: Encouraging creativity and forward thinking in all facets of instruction, research, and administration.
  • Commercialization: Leveraging the fruits of academic labor towards real-world applications and solutions benefiting both private enterprises and broader communities.
  • Lifelong Learning: Supporting continuous growth and skill acquisition throughout life, often outside traditional classroom settings.
  • Diversity: Celebrating differences in thought, identity, and perspective amongst stakeholders—students, educators, administrators alike.
  • Respect: Treating everyone involved fairly and courteously according to shared standards of conduct.

Healthcare Issues to Know About For University Of Texas Interview

Given the broad spectrum of topics encompassed by medical practice, there isn't any specific issue highlighted here. However, considering the importance placed on research and innovation mentioned above, applicants might want to delve into recent breakthroughs made by researchers affiliated with UT regarding disease prevention strategies, novel treatments or diagnostic tools relevant to modern medicine.

University of Texas Medical School Interview Resources

Official Information

  • Official PDF: "The Medical School Interview" published by the Health Professions Office at the University of Texas.

University of Texas Values and Mission Statement

For official statements on values and mission, refer directly to the University of Texas website or its public documents. However, general themes around service and education might align with broader statewide initiatives such as improving rural healthcare access or addressing disparities in underserved communities.

Region-Specific Healthcare Issues

Region-specific healthcare issues could involve challenges faced in urban areas versus rural settings within Texas. Rural health concerns might focus on limited resources, lack of specialists, and transportation difficulties for patients. Urban centers may face problems associated with high population density, socioeconomic disparities, and complex disease patterns. Students should stay updated on local news and reports concerning regional healthcare trends.

Community Engagement

Community engagement activities vary widely depending on the institution and location. Prospective interviewees should look into programs offered by the respective campuses—such as free clinics, educational seminars, or partnerships with local organizations—to gauge potential opportunities for involvement.

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