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University of Utah's Core Values and Vision Statements

Office of Orientation & Transition

  • Mission: To welcome and engage each new student and supporter by offering essential information for a successful start at the University of Utah.
  • Values: Igniting passion and facilitating growth for new students through comprehensive programming throughout the year.

Presidential Vision

  • Mission: Inspiring student success, generating discoveries, serving the state of Utah.
  • Goals: Revolutionizing the student experience; integrating living, learning, and belonging; improving student outcomes; enhancing earning potential; diversifying enrollment; advancing research and commercialization; having an impact on communities served.

Housing & Residential Education

  • Mission: Creating an engaging community where students live, learn, and thrive; developing a sense of belonging, promoting personal growth, ensuring safety and support.
  • Values: Continuous skill advancement, evaluation of practice, encouraging creativity, honesty, timely problem solving, apology, recognition of role, celebrating achievements, conflict resolution, collaboration, inclusiveness, balancing efficiency with care, embracing humor, giving and receiving feedback, resilience.
  • Strategic Goals: Accessible on-campus housing, enhanced resident engagement, fiscal management, building an inclusive community, high-quality residences, improved dining options, staff excellence.

Academic Affairs

  • Mission: Generating and sharing new knowledge, discoveries, and innovations; promoting education, health, and quality of life locally and globally.
  • Values: Intellectual integrity, teaching, research, scholarly pursuit, preserving academic freedom, promoting diversity, equality, social responsibility, interdisciplinary inquiry, international involvement, sustainable practices.

Graduate School

  • Mission: Fostering excellence in graduate education through administration, leadership, and resource provision.
  • Guiding Principles: Quality, diversity, integrity, visionary preparation, intellectual integrity, student centricity, explicit expectation setting.

Healthcare Issues Relevant to Interview Process

Given the broad scope of the search results provided, there isn't specific mention of particular healthcare issues relevant to the University of Utah medical school interview process. However, based on general themes within the values statements, applicants could consider discussing topics related to:

  • Innovative approaches to healthcare delivery.
  • Integrated models of patient care involving multidisciplinary teams.
  • Community outreach initiatives aimed at underserved populations.
  • Research focusing on translational medicine or public health concerns affecting Utah residents.
  • Collaborations between academia and industry to drive biomedical advances.

University of Utah Values and Mission Statement

About Us - The Office of Orientation and Transition

Mission: To welcome and engage every new student and their supporters by providing essential information to ensure a successful start to their University of Utah journey.

Core Value: Igniting passion in new students to allow them to thrive, grow, and envision themselves at the University of Utah.

Housing & Residential Education

Mission: Creating an engaging community where students live, learn, and thrive; developing a sense of belonging, offering opportunities for personal growth, and fostering a safe and supportive environment.

HRE Core Values:

  • Continually advancing skills to better serve students, the HRE team, and the broader University of Utah community.
  • Encouraging creativity, innovation, and the exchange of knowledge and expertise.
  • Being honest and respectful towards each other, owning mistakes, and resolving conflicts effectively.
  • Prioritizing the collective results of the department, especially the success of students.
  • Celebrating achievements individually and collectively.
  • Striving for efficient yet caring interactions within the diverse community of the University of Utah.
  • Taking work seriously but not oneself too much, allowing room for enjoyment and humor.

Academic Affairs

Mission: Generating and disseminating new knowledge, discoveries, and innovations, and promoting education, health, and wellbeing locally and globally. Fostering student success through preparation for careers as leaders and active participants in society.

Academic Environment Values: Highest standards of intellectual integrity, teaching, research, and scholarly pursuits. Commitment to preserving academic freedom, encouraging diversity, and treating individuals fairly. Promoting multidisciplinary investigation, worldwide participation, and civic duty while incorporating sustainable objectives across the institution.

Graduate School

Mission: Supporting graduate education at the University of Utah by managing administration and leading initiatives to elevate educational standards. Offering monetary aid, facilitating unique instructional possibilities, and supplying expert development to pupils, postdoctoral associates, personnel, and teachers.

Guiding Principles: Quality, variety, and sincerity form the basis of building a network of researchers and frontrunners.

Healthcare Issues Relevant to Interviews

Given the emphasis on generating and sharing new knowledge, particularly around health and wellness, applicants could expect questions related to healthcare challenges faced by various populations, including rural areas and underserved urban neighborhoods. Additionally, since the University of Utah serves as a hub for medical discovery and treatment, candidates might encounter queries regarding cutting-edge treatments, technological advances in medicine, and public policy implications of emerging healthcare technologies.

University of Utah Medical School Interview

Types of Interviews

  • Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) – Consists of 5–10 stations with varying prompts or scenarios. Each station allows 2 minutes to prepare and then 5–8 minutes to respond and interact with actors or interviewers.
  • Group Interview – Either one applicant interviewed by several interviewers or a group of applicants interviewed together.
  • Standardized Video Interview – New format introduced by the University of Utah School of Medicine.

Additional Services Provided by the University

  • PreProfessional Advising Office: Offers mock interviews for current and former University of Utah students.
  • Application Workshops: Includes workshops on AMCAS and AACOMAS applications.
  • Resources: Links provided for helpful websites, acceptance statistics, and downloadable resources.

University of Utah Related Healthcare Issues

  • Health Disparities: Addressing health inequities and promoting health equity.
  • COVID-19 Impact: Lessons learned from the pandemic.
  • Rural and Underserved Communities: Understanding rural and underserved populations.

Region-Specific University of Utah Healthcare Issues

  • Population Health Program: Focuses on population health concepts and implementation.
  • RUUTE Scholar Program: Supports students aspiring to work in rural and underserved regions.

University of Utah Community Engagement

  • Community Outreach Initiatives: Encourages applicants to promote health equity and advocate for underserved communities.
  • Strategic Transformation Process: Emphasizes community, relationships, and professionalism in the learning environment.

University of Utah Values and Mission Statement

  • Values: Teamwork, professionalism, compassion, and communication.
  • Vision: Inspire and transform the application process through quality, education, and innovation.
  • Mission: Serve the state of Utah and the healthcare profession by selecting well-qualified medical students.

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