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University of Puerto Rico's Values and Mission Statement


The University of Puerto Rico is guided by the following values:

  • Educational: Provides high-quality education and creates new knowledge in the arts, sciences, and technology.
  • Cultural: Contributes to the development and appreciation of Puerto Rican culture.
  • Democratic Society: Committed to the principles of democracy and equality.

Mission Statement

As stated in the document provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the University of Puerto Rico serves the people of Puerto Rico and contributes to the development and enjoyment of fundamental, ethical, and aesthetic values of Puerto Rican culture while advancing its mission through providing high-quality education and creating new knowledge.

Healthcare Issues Relevant to the Interview Process

Given the location and circumstances of Puerto Rico, it would be beneficial for interviewees to be familiar with the following healthcare issues:

  • Poverty and Economic Crisis: With a reported poverty rate of over 50%, understanding how socioeconomic factors affect healthcare delivery and access to medical services is crucial.

  • Austerity Measures: Be aware of the effects of recent financial decisions on healthcare infrastructure and availability of services due to reduced funding and restructuring.

  • Natural Disasters: Given the history of hurricanes like Maria, discuss how emergency response plans account for natural disasters and their aftermath on healthcare systems.

  • Health Equity: Address concerns related to disparities in healthcare access and outcomes across different demographic groups, including race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, disability status, geography, etc..

  • Public Health Initiatives: Showcase involvement in initiatives aimed at improving population health, reducing disease burden, and addressing specific local health priorities.

University of Puerto Rico

Values and Mission Statement:

  • Mission: To provide excellent service to Puerto Rico and the world by forming educated, cultured, capable, critical thinking citizens who are professionally prepared in various fields including agriculture, engineering, arts, sciences, and business administration. They aim to contribute to the educational, cultural, social, technological, and economic development while performing creative work, conducting research, and providing service to meet societal needs.
  • Vision: Be a leading institution in higher education and research, transforming society through pursuing knowledge in an environment of ethics, justice, and peace.
  • Additional Information: The University seeks to equip students with the skills and awareness required to tackle contemporary challenges and embody the values and mindsets befitting a democratic society that appreciates and upholds diversity.

Healthcare Issues in Puerto Rico:

For interviewees at the University of Puerto Rico, it's beneficial to be informed about significant healthcare concerns in Puerto Rico. Some key points include:

  • A considerable portion of the population lives below the poverty line, exacerbating disparities in healthcare access and necessitating attention towards addressing inequities.
  • There has been an increase in taxes and reductions in certain benefits due to budget constraints, potentially limiting healthcare availability.
  • Chronic diseases, mental health disorders, substance abuse, and infectious disease outbreaks pose ongoing threats to public health.
  • Natural disasters such as hurricanes have had detrimental effects on infrastructure and medical facilities, disrupting continuity of care.

Interview Process at UPR School of Medicine:

The application process includes an online application through AMCAS followed by secondary applications specific to each campus that will be sent out after receiving verification from AMCAS. The selection committee reviews all completed files and invites selected candidates for personal interviews on one of our campuses. There are no minimum GPA requirements; however, applicants must have taken certain prerequisite courses before applying. Applicants who pass this stage may receive offers of admission based upon available space within the entering class.

University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus - Core Values & Vision:

Core Values:

  • Quality Education
  • Respect
  • Social Commitment
  • Integrity
  • Innovation
  • Diversity


To become leaders in health sciences education, research, development, innovation, entrepreneurship, patient care, social commitment, and public service.

Healthcare Issues Related to Region Specifically:

Puerto Rico faces unique challenges due to its status as a territory rather than a state. These challenges affect access to healthcare services and resources. Some key issues include:

  • Limited Resources Due To Territory Status
  • Accessibility Of Services For Remote Areas
  • Disparities Between Urban And Rural Communities
  • High Prevalence Of Chronic Diseases Such As Diabetes And Heart Disease
  • Impact Of Natural Disasters On Public Health Systems

These regional factors should inform how future physicians approach medicine in Puerto Rico, emphasizing preventive measures, resource management, and cultural sensitivity when providing care.

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