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University of Pennsylvania Values and Mission Statement

College of Arts and Sciences Mission Statement

The College of Arts and Sciences aims to educate students to become knowledgeable about the world and the complexities of modern society, cognizant of moral, ethical, and social issues, capable of exercising intellectual leadership, and inspired by using their minds critically and creatively. It emphasizes exploring various fields of human knowledge, understanding and evaluating how knowledge is acquired and interpreted, developing analytical and communicative skills, appreciating cultural diversity, and investigating disciplines within majors.

Overall Institutional Vision and Mission

University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) promotes sustainability and implements environmentally friendly policies. Its academic programs are enhanced by a culture of innovation and are characterized by inclusiveness, intellectual rigor, research, and creating new knowledge for societal betterment. UPenn supports international experiences and engages with communities worldwide, leveraging faculty and student expertise to effect positive changes globally.

Healthcare Issues Relevant to Interviews

Given the comprehensive nature of medical studies at UPenn, applicants would likely be expected to demonstrate awareness of significant health challenges facing societies locally and internationally. Some topics could include but are not limited to:

  • Chronic Disease Management: Understanding strategies for managing chronic diseases, including diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer care, given the rising prevalence of these conditions.
  • Health Disparities: Addressing disparities related to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, geographic location, disability, age, etc., ensuring equitable access to healthcare and addressing underlying causes of inequality.
  • Public Health Policy: Engagement with public health concerns, advocacy efforts, and government regulations affecting population health outcomes.
  • Emerging Technologies: Familiarity with advancements in biotechnology, artificial intelligence, telehealth, precision medicine, and other technologies transforming healthcare delivery systems.
  • Global Health Challenges: Recognizing and discussing pressing global health problems such as infectious diseases, maternal and child mortality, mental health disorders, environmental impacts on health, and pandemic response planning.

University of Pennsylvania ### Values and Mission Statement

Division of Business Services:

  • Provides high-quality services in a financially responsible manner.

Wellness at Penn:

  • Vision: To integrate the science, theory, and practice of wellness into the campus experience.
  • Mission: Infuse wellness across various aspects of life through inclusive, innovative, and impactful initiatives.
  • Core Values: Collaborative Care (Compassion, Accessibility, Respect, Empowerment).

Healthcare Issues to Be Familiar With

For medical applicants preparing for the University of Pennsylvania interview, being familiar with health care issues related to sustainability and environmental consciousness would align with the university's commitment to promote a sustainable culture and implement environmentally conscious policies. Additionally, understanding how the college aims to produce graduates who are equipped to address moral, ethical, and social issues could demonstrate alignment with their broader societal objectives.

University of Pennsylvania

Mission Statement & Core Values:

  • No direct mission statement provided in search results. However, the following resources contain insights into the ethos and values of the University of Pennsylvania:
  1. "Perelman School of Medicine": Ranked among the nation's leading institutions for medical training, research, and clinical care, the Perelman School of Medicine emphasizes innovation, collaboration, and excellence in teaching and discovery..
  2. "Admission Process": Applicants must demonstrate outstanding scholastic achievement, intellectual curiosity, maturity, empathy, motivation, and dedication to serving others..
  3. "Curriculum Focus": The Perelman School of Medicine focuses on "learning for life," aiming to equip students with lifelong knowledge rather than mere preparation for licensing examinations..
  4. "Research Emphasis": Given its strong emphasis on research, applicants should anticipate detailed discussions about their research experiences during the interview process..

Health Care Issues:

  • General Health Care Issues: Candidates are advised to familiarize themselves with broader health care issues that could arise during interviews. Examples include changes in the delivery system due to COVID-19, disparities in health outcomes, cost control measures, etc..
  • Region-Specific Health Care Issues: Since regional variations exist in health care systems, candidates should explore local trends, policies, and initiatives affecting health care provision in areas surrounding the University of Pennsylvania.

Community Engagement:

  • Community Service Opportunities: Students interested in community involvement can participate in various volunteer efforts organized by the University of Pennsylvania, including vaccine clinics and other public health campaigns. Such engagements showcase a candidate's commitment to social responsibility and providing care to underserved populations, key attributes sought by medical schools..


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