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University of Oklahoma's Values and Mission Statements


  • Exercise good judgment, accountability, and honesty.
  • Create a safe environment for everyone involved.
  • Display emotional intelligence and self-awareness while maintaining transparency and appropriateness in communications.


  • Strive to give the best experience to all encountered during the enrollment process.
  • Embrace inclusivity and value differences among colleagues and customers.
  • Collaborate effectively within teams, fostering positivity.


  • Aim for excellence in operations, staying strongly committed to tasks.
  • Acquire knowledge about key aspects of enrollment management.
  • Offer precise information, foresee requirements, and extend aid.


  • Demonstrate eagerness to understand new concepts and continuously develop personally and professionally.
  • Focus on advancements and showcase comprehension of constructive changes.
  • Implement efficiencies based on best practices.

Healthcare Issues Relevant to Interview Preparation

While there isn't specific mention of healthcare issues related directly to medical schools in the provided search results, given the broader context of the institution, topics relevant to health care might involve discussions on public health awareness campaigns, mental health initiatives, rural medicine, indigenous health, telehealth innovations, interprofessional collaboration, opioid addiction treatment strategies, disease prevention measures, patient advocacy efforts, etc., depending on the particular interest area of the applicant.

University of Oklahoma Values and Mission Statement

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center

The specific values and mission statement for the health sciences center were not found within the provided search results. However, here's some general information about the University of Oklahoma's broader values and mission statements:

General Values

The University of Oklahoma holds various values across different departments and divisions:

  • Student Centered: Focuses on providing excellent programming and support services for students.
  • Service Oriented: Offering exceptional service for students, clients, and colleagues.
  • Inclusive: Embracing diversity and treating everyone with equality and courtesy.
  • Quality Driven: Engaging, challenging, and supporting students optimally.
  • Innovative: Constantly searching for new methods to better serve distinct student groups.
  • Integrity: Operating honestly, ethically, transparently, and respectfully.

Research Division Values

For the Office of Vice President for Research, there are additional values related to research activities:

  • Diversity of Thought: Encouraging varied viewpoints in decision-making processes.
  • Transdisciplinary Collaborations: Fostering partnerships between disciplines to tackle significant problems.
  • High Impact Ideas: Investing in ambitious projects with potential for substantial outcomes.

Relevant Healthcare Issues

While no direct mention was made regarding medical schools specifically, given the context of this question, it would be beneficial for interviewees to have a basic awareness of key public health topics relevant to Oklahoma residents. These could include but are not limited to:

  • Rural Health Care Accessibility
  • Opioid Crisis Response Strategies
  • Native American Health Disparities
  • Chronic Disease Prevention Programs
  • Environmental Health Concerns Specific to Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma Medical School Interview Process

General Requirements

  • Application Review: Complete applications are assessed to invite candidates for an interview.
  • Competitive Selection: Only the most qualified applicants are considered for interviews.
  • Prerequisites: Prerequisite courses should be completed before the interview; proof of ongoing or upcoming classes is necessary.
  • Notification: Invited applicants are informed via email and given options to select an interview date.
  • Campus Experience: During the interview process, applicants visit the campus and interact with staff and students.

Specific Interview Types

Physician Assistant Program

  • Timeline: Typically held in January.
  • Faculty Members: Candidates participate in panel discussions with faculty.
  • Program Overview: Includes details about curriculum, clinical experiences, and career opportunities.

MD/PhD Program

  • Timeline: Conducted between November and early spring.
  • Format: Two to three advisory council members conduct individual interviews.
  • Research Focus: Laboratory visits showcase research interests.
  • Acceptance Decision: Based on narrative evaluations and recommendations from interviewers.

University of Oklahoma Related Healthcare Issues

  • Community Engagement: Emphasis on public health initiatives and addressing local needs.
  • Primary Care Shortage: Efforts to address primary care shortages in rural and underserved communities.
  • Health Disparities: Commitment to reducing disparities across socioeconomic groups.

Region-Specific Healthcare Challenges

  • Rural Accessibility: Addressing challenges faced by patients living far from urban centers due to limited resources and transportation barriers.
  • Chronic Disease Management: Improving management strategies for chronic conditions prevalent in specific regions.
  • Substance Abuse Treatment: Expansion of treatment services for substance abuse disorders common in certain geographic areas.

University of Oklahoma Community Engagement

  • Local Partnerships: Collaboration with regional organizations to improve population health outcomes.
  • Volunteer Opportunities: Encouraging students to engage in community outreach projects.
  • Public Education Initiatives: Participating in events aimed at educating the general public about various health topics.

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