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University of Minnesota Values and Mission Statements

Overall Institution

  • Mission: To deliver excellent education, conduct groundbreaking research, and offer community-engaged outreach, fulfilling the land-grant mission of serving Minnesota.
  • Values: Social justice, accessibility, inclusivity, community building, transformative education, accountability.

College of Liberal Arts

  • Core Values: Freedom of thought and expression, respect, diversity, social justice, excellence, efficiency, and adaptability.
  • Mission: Advance a thoughtful, knowledgeable, and engaged society through creation of new knowledge, preparation of students, and community engagement.

Medical School Specific Information

  • No specific mention found regarding the medical school's unique values or mission statement in the provided search results. However, given the overall emphasis on social justice and inclusive environments, these themes may carry over into the medical school context.

Healthcare Issues for Interview Preparation

Given the focus on social justice and equity, applicants could expect questions related to disparities in healthcare access, particularly for underserved populations mentioned in the University of Minnesota's commitments, such as Native Americans, immigrants, disabled individuals, LGBTQ+ individuals, first-generation college students, etc.. Additionally, candidates should demonstrate awareness of current trends and challenges in healthcare delivery systems, patient safety, and population health management.

University of Minnesota Values and Mission Statement


  • Achieved through creativity, continuous improvement, and innovation.

Land Grant Mission

  • World-class education, groundbreaking research, and community-engaged outreach.

Core Values

  • Freedom of thought and expression.
  • Respect, diversity, and social justice.
  • Excellence in all endeavors.
  • Efficiency and adaptability in achieving goals.

Healthcare Issues

For the University of Minnesota interview, you may want to be aware of some key healthcare issues relevant to the institution:

  • Research: Recognized for significant contributions in areas such as the pacemaker, retractable seatbelt, cancer therapies, and biodegradable plastics.
  • Community Engagement: Application of knowledge to benefit local communities and global societies.
  • Innovation: Encouraging discovery and problem-solving through creative and critical thinking.
  • Equity and Diversity: Commitment to increasing access to higher education and valuing diverse perspectives.

University of Minnesota Medical School


Values and Mission Statement:

  • Not provided. Please refer directly to the official University of Minnesota Medical School websites listed below for updated values and mission statements.

Healthcare Issues Related to the Region:

  • Regional Specific Healthcare Issues: Not specified within the search results. Refer to the official University of Minnesota Medical School websites for current regional healthcare concerns.

Community Engagement:

  • Service Commitment: According to Cracking Med School Admissions, the University of Minnesota Medical School seeks candidates committed to service, reflecting the service orientation of its existing student body.

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