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University of Colorado's Values and Mission Statement

University of Colorado (All Campuses):

  • Vision: To be a premier, accessible, and transformative public university providing a quality and affordable education with outstanding teaching, learning, research, service, and health care.
  • Mission: Public research university offering a range of undergraduate, master's, and doctoral degrees. Committed to promoting excellence, encouraging accessibility, maintaining integrity, and contributing to societal progress.
  • Guiding Principles:
  • Accessibility and excellence in education.
  • Commitment to ethics, integrity, transparency, and accountability.
  • Stewardship of resources.
  • Emphasis on teaching, learning, and academic culture.
  • Diversity in thought and representation.
  • Innovation and entrepreneurship.
  • Service to Colorado and beyond.
  • Catalyzing economic, social, and cultural change.
  • Interdepartmental and cross-institutional collaboration.
  • Outstanding, respectful, and responsive learning, teaching, and working environments.
  • Measureable results.

CU Anschutz Medical Campus:

  • Mission: Improving humanity through prevention and treatment of disease, scientific exploration, and education of health professionals and researchers.
  • Vision: World leader in team-based healthcare, science, and education driven by collaboration, adaptability, and dedication to equity, inclusivity, mental health, and data sciences.
  • Strategic Priorities:
  • Utilizing data effectively.
  • Establishing a healthcare innovation institute.
  • Enhancing the student experience.
  • Advocating for employee growth and development.
  • Pursuing equitable hiring practices.

Relevant Healthcare Issues for Interview Preparation

Given the emphasis on improving healthcare systems and addressing pressing challenges, applicants could prepare discussions around topics such as:

  • Telehealth and digital innovations in healthcare delivery.
  • Community outreach and preventive measures against chronic diseases.
  • Research into personalized treatments using advanced data analysis techniques.
  • Educational models that foster interdisciplinary collaboration among healthcare providers.
  • Addressing disparities in access to healthcare due to socioeconomic factors.

University of Colorado's Mission and Values

Mission Statement

The University of Colorado (UC), which includes various campuses, aims to provide excellent education, professional training, public service, and cutting-edge health care. Each campus fulfills specific roles according to Colorado laws, focusing on promoting accessibility, maintaining excellence, encouraging innovations, meeting the needs of Colorado residents, and contributing to the economy, society, and culture.

Guiding Principles

Consistent with the legal requirements and expectations placed upon the UC community, the institution commits to:

  • Accessibility: Offering equal opportunities to all eligible students within its capacity.
  • Commitment to Excellence: Pursuing continuous improvement and distinction in everything it does.
  • Ethics, Integrity, Transparency, Accountability: Conducting affairs transparently and adhering to moral standards.
  • Stewardship: Managing effectively the university's resources—human, physical, financial, informational, and environmental.
  • Teaching, Learning, Academic Culture: Fostering a robust scholastic atmosphere.
  • Faculty, Staff, and Student Diversity: Embracing different viewpoints for enhanced discourse.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Endorsing creativity and enterprise throughout the university.
  • Meeting Community Needs: Addressing areas essential to the State of Colorado, such as health care, technology, job readiness, and civic awareness.
  • Catalyzing Economic, Social, Cultural Impact: Serving as a driving force locally and beyond.
  • Interdepartmental Cooperation: Encouraging communication among units and cooperation with other educational entities.
  • Outstanding Environment: Establishing respectful spaces for living, studying, instructing, and laboring.

Vision Statement

The University of Colorado envisions becoming a leading, accessible, and transformative public university known for providing superior instruction, scholarly endeavors, societal contribution, and health care via collaboration, technological progression, and enterprising efforts.

Relevant Health Issues for the University of Colorado School of Medicine Interview

Given the emphasis on improving health care and addressing pressing concerns, applicants preparing for an interview at the University of Colorado School of Medicine might want to delve into topics related to preventive measures, enhancing patient experience, leveraging data analytics, creating a healthcare innovation institute, and ensuring student success in terms of mental health and wellness.

University of Colorado School of Medicine Interview Resources

Official Website Links

  • University of Colorado School of Medicine:
  • MD Admissions Requirements:
  • Interview Details:
  • Contact Info & Location:

Secondary Application Essay Prompt Example

For an example of a past secondary application prompt from the University of Colorado School of Medicine, please refer to the following blog post:

  • "Colorado Specific Essay": What does the University of Colorado School of Medicine require in terms of a state-specific supplemental essay? This question was addressed in a podcast discussion found at:.

Virtual Interview Experience

Due to COVID-19, the University of Colorado School of Medicine conducts virtual interviews. Here's some additional context provided in a podcast discussing the virtual interview experience:

  • "Virtual Interview Experience": To understand what candidates should expect from a virtual interview at the University of Colorado School of Medicine, listen to the relevant section of the podcast available at:.

University of Colorado School of Medicine Core Values and Mission Statement

Unfortunately, the search results did not contain direct links to the core values and mission statement of the University of Colorado School of Medicine. However, prospective students could visit the official website listed above under "Official Website Links" to explore these aspects further.

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