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University of California Los Angeles Values and Mission Statement

UCLA's Core Purpose and Institutional Commitments

According to the Scientific Integrity Institute document, UCLA's primary purpose as a public research university is "to create, disseminate, preserve, and apply knowledge for the betterment of our global society". Its activities are driven by several guiding principles including:

  • Academic Freedom: Open access to information, free and civil discourse, and tolerance form the basis of intellectual exploration at UCLA.
  • Diversity and Inclusivity: Promoting equity and inclusiveness enhances educational quality.
  • Engaging Education: Undergraduates, graduates, and professionals receive a solid foundation complemented by specialized studies. Research and discovery occur throughout academia.
  • Research Innovation: Advancing knowledge requires maintaining excellence across multiple fields while promoting interdisciplinary collaboration.
  • Social Impact: Serving societal interests involves preparing future leaders who embrace social responsibility via outreach efforts.
  • Integration of Functions: Educational, research, and service functions interact synergistically to enhance performance and stimulate progress.

UCLA Medical Center's Mission and Approach

For those applying to the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, it would be helpful to understand how these broader institutional values translate into the specific context of medicine. According to the nursing section of UCLA Health, the institution aims to improve health, relieve suffering, and perform kind deeds:

  • Leadership in Patient Care, Research, and Education: Delivering top-notch clinical services, conducting groundbreaking investigations, and training tomorrow's practitioners define UCLA Health's objectives.
  • Humanistic Interactions: Employees embody the UCLA CICARE methodology when dealing with patients, families, and colleagues—Connect, Introduce, Communicate, Anticipate Needs, Respond, and End Courteously.
  • Core Beliefs: Guided by integrity, compassion, respect, teamwork, excellence, and discovery, UCLA Health strives for continuous improvement.

Relevant Healthcare Issues for UCLA Interviews

Given UCLA's focus on integrating education, research, and service, applicants might want to consider topics related to current challenges facing healthcare systems today. These could include discussions around population health management strategies, addressing disparities in access to care, exploring ways to incorporate technology effectively, examining models of integrated care delivery, discussing approaches to cost containment, and considering innovations in preventive medicine and chronic disease management. Additionally, given UCLA's emphasis on interdisciplinary collaboration and translational science, candidates may wish to demonstrate interest in working across traditional silos to address complex biomedical problems and bring scientific findings more quickly to bear on real-world applications.

University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA): Values and Mission Statement

UCLA's Core Values

  • Academic Freedom: Promoting open access to information, free and civil discourse, and tolerance.
  • Excellence: Striving for the highest levels of performance in academia, research, and public service.
  • Innovation: Encouraging creativity, novel approaches, and continuous improvement.
  • Integrity: Maintaining strong moral principles and honest behavior.
  • Public Impact: Advocating for social progress through educational outreach and contributions to society.

UCLA's Mission Statement

UCLA aims to serve as a public research institution focused on creating, sharing, preserving, and applying knowledge for societal benefit worldwide. It emphasizes academic freedom and strives for excellence, diversity, and inclusivity in its activities.

Healthcare Issues Relevant to UCLA Interviews

As a candidate preparing for a UCLA interview, it would be advantageous to demonstrate awareness of current healthcare challenges and potential solutions related to UCLA's focus areas. Some relevant topics might include:

  • Health Disparities: Addressing disparities in healthcare access and outcomes based on factors such as race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, geographic location, etc..
  • Population Health Management: Implementing strategies to improve the health of defined populations, often focusing on preventive measures and coordinated care delivery.
  • Telehealth Expansion: Utilizing technology to increase remote access to healthcare services, particularly during periods when physical presence may pose risks due to infectious diseases.
  • Patient Safety Initiatives: Developing systems and protocols to minimize errors and harm associated with medical treatment.
  • Value-Based Payment Models: Shifting away from fee-for-service models toward payment structures that reward providers for achieving specific clinical outcomes and cost efficiency.

Remember, these are general suggestions and actual interview topics could vary widely depending on the program you apply to and other contextual factors.

University of California Los Angeles Medical School Interview References

Official Sources

  • David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA: Provides detailed information about the admissions process, curriculum, and student life at UCLA Medical School.
  • Website:

Other High-Quality Sources

  • Cracking Med School Admissions: Offers insights into getting into UCLA Medical School, including advice on secondary applications and interviews.
  • Article:

University of California Los Angeles Related Healthcare Issues

For comprehensive coverage of regional and local healthcare issues affecting UCLA and its surrounding communities, refer to reputable news outlets and government agencies operating within the state of California. These sources regularly report on pressing matters concerning healthcare policy, population health trends, and emerging medical concerns.

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