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University at Buffalo Values and Mission Statements

School of Social Work

  • Mission: Unite around creating a better society through generating and transmitting knowledge, promoting social justice, and providing service to humanity.
  • Goals: Teach future social workers, facilitate inquiry into social problems and injustice, innovate solutions, offer professional leadership, engage communities, and respect individuals' rights and strengths.
  • Core Values: Service, respect, collaboration, leadership, human rights and social justice, growth, professionalism, and excellence.

School of Management

  • Mission: Discover and understand management principles driving effective organizations, producing principled and insightful leaders for societal improvement.
  • Vision: Agile, transformational leaders changing society positively.

School of Nursing

  • Mission: Develop nurse leaders enhancing health and wellness globally via academic and scholarly excellence.
  • Vision: Advance the School of Nursing's reputation by impacting global and local needs for research, scholarship, and educational excellence.
  • Core Values (I-CARE): Integrity, collaboration, accountability, respect, and excellence.

Library System

  • Mission: Leverage librarian expertise to provide access to scholarly resources, champion information ethics, ensure collection availability over time, and cultivate inclusivity.
  • Values: Inquiry, access, service, collaboration, equity, diversity, inclusion.
  • Vision: Become the campus heart, inspiring innovation and discovery, setting an example for peer institutions.

Campus Living

  • Mission: Create residential environments supporting meaningful personal growth and learning for all.
  • Values: Inclusion, learning, safety, integrity.

Healthcare Issues Relevant to Interviews

For medical schools like the Jacobs School of Medicine and Biomedical Sciences at the University at Buffalo, you might want to familiarize yourself with topics related to public health, especially given Western New York's specific demographics and socioeconomic factors affecting patient care. This could involve discussing strategies for addressing disparities in healthcare access, preventive medicine, chronic disease management, mental health awareness, substance abuse treatment, geriatric care, rural health concerns, and cultural competency training for physicians working with diverse patient populations.

University at Buffalo Values and Mission Statement

UB School of Nursing

  • Mission: Foster an environment of academic and scholarly excellence that develops nurse leaders who will improve the health and wellness of local, national, and global communities.
  • Vision: Advance the reputation of UB's School of Nursing by achieving a collaborative academic culture that impacts global and local needs for research, scholarship, and educational excellence.
  • Core Values (I-CARE):
  • Integrity – Honesty in all we do.
  • Collaboration – Value intra-professional, interprofessional, and community collaboration to advance learning, discovery, and practice.
  • Accountability – Hold ourselves responsible for behaviors, actions, and results.
  • Respect – For diverse backgrounds and opinions in an inclusive and compassionate manner.
  • Excellence – In innovative approaches to teaching, scholarship, and service.

Other Departments

While specific missions may vary among departments, some shared principles include:

  • Embracing diversity and inclusion in research, teaching, and service.
  • Cultivating environments conducive to meaningful personal growth and learning.
  • Pursuing excellence in various areas including academia, administration, and outreach.
  • Striving towards equity, diversity, and inclusivity in all endeavors.

Healthcare Issues Relevant to Interviews

Given the broad range of interests represented by different schools and departments within the University at Buffalo, there isn't one set list of healthcare issues you need to know about. However, given the focus on nursing and social work mentioned above, here are examples of topics relevant to those fields:


  • Community health and population management strategies.
  • Innovative methods for patient care delivery models.
  • Ethical considerations in clinical decision making.
  • Evidence-based practice guidelines and implementation.
  • Global health trends and disparities affecting vulnerable populations.

Social Work

  • Approaches to addressing complex societal issues involving mental health, poverty, substance abuse, etc.
  • Policy implications related to social welfare systems and reform.
  • Trauma-informed care and therapeutic techniques.
  • Cultural competency in providing counseling and intervention services.
  • Understanding systemic factors contributing to inequality and discrimination.

Interview Information

Holistic Review and Selection Criteria

  • URL:
  • Description: The University at Buffalo reviews applications holistically, considering various aspects beyond academics including life experiences, integrity, intellectual curiosity, leadership roles, and community engagement.

University at Buffalo Values and Mission Statement

  • URL:
  • Mission statement: To advance health and wellness across the lifespan for the people of New York and the world through innovative research and outstanding clinical care.

Region-Specific Healthcare Issues

No direct reference found for regional healthcare issues affecting Western New York. However, the general search indicates that topics such as opioid abuse, mental health services, access to primary care, rural healthcare disparities, and chronic disease management are common concerns in the broader Upstate New York region. These issues could potentially inform discussions during the interview process.

Community Engagement

  • URL: No direct reference found for community engagement initiatives led by the University at Buffalo. For insight into community involvement opportunities, prospective students may refer to resources provided by the institution's Center for Leadership and Organizational Effectiveness or similar offices that support student volunteering efforts.

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