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University of Arizona Values and Mission Statement


  • Trustworthiness - Honest and non-biased communication, commitment to promises made.
  • Practicality - Focused on education, research, and outreach with immediate applications and long-term benefits.
  • Responsiveness - Identifying and reacting to evolving requirements.
  • Relevance - Encouraging concepts and output leading to constructive effects.
  • Entrepreneurship - Initiatives involving measured risks to produce worth.
  • Ingenuity - Innovative thinking encouraged.
  • Compassion - Concern for individuals and communities under various conditions.
  • Respect - Professional conduct expected among colleagues.
  • Pluralism - Formal responsibilities assigned, belief in shared leadership and cooperation.
  • Egalitarianism - Accessible education and widespread investigation prioritized over scholarly exclusivity.
  • Diversity - Embracing distinct viewpoints, acts, and backgrounds.
  • Inclusiveness - Being comprehensive considered equivalent to excellence, allowing everyone—students, personnel, and faculty—to flourish.


  • Educate students and localities in methods enabling achievement within worldwide markets.
  • Develop novel understanding and technology to enhance societal welfare.

Notable Healthcare Issues

For the University of Arizona interview, applicants may want to demonstrate awareness of key healthcare challenges facing Arizona and beyond, including but not limited to:

  1. Accessibility: Addressing disparities in healthcare provision, particularly in rural regions and underserved populations.
  2. Chronic Disease Prevention and Control: Managing prevalent chronic diseases like diabetes, obesity, heart disease, etc., considering Arizona's aging population.
  3. Health Workforce Shortages: Strategically planning for sufficient numbers of qualified medical practitioners to meet demand.
  4. Telehealth Expansion: Utilizing digital tools to improve patient outcomes and increase reachability of services.
  5. Public Health Emergency Response Capacity Building: Enhancing preparedness against infectious outbreaks and natural disasters.
  6. Climate Change Impact Mitigation: Understanding environmental factors affecting public health and devising strategies for adaptation.
  7. Social Determinants of Health: Recognizing social influences on health status and designing targeted policies accordingly.

University of Arizona Values and Mission Statement


The mission of the University of Arizona is rooted in promoting diversity and inclusivity while fostering strong connections with indigenous nations and communities. This commitment extends beyond the boundaries of the institution and aims to positively influence the wider world.


Through an extensive collaborative process involving various stakeholders, including faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community members, the following six core values were established:

  • Integrity: Demonstrates honesty, respectfulness, and fairness.
  • Compassion: Chooses empathy over apathy.
  • Exploration: Encourages curiosity and continuous discovery.
  • Adaptation: Remains adaptable and receptive to changes.
  • Inclusion: Leverages the strength of diverse backgrounds.
  • Determination: Persists relentlessly towards goals.

These values reflect the essence of the University of Arizona and act as guiding principles for daily interactions and decisions aimed at creating substantial impact.

Key Issues in Healthcare for the University of Arizona Interview

For prospective medical students preparing for an interview at the University of Arizona, it is beneficial to be aware of key healthcare challenges that relate to the University's vision and mission. Some critical topics could include:

  1. Addressing Equity and Justice Issues: Given the emphasis placed on social justice and equality, understanding how these concepts apply to healthcare disparities and strategies to mitigate them may prove valuable during discussions.
  2. Innovations in Access and Delivery of Care: As part of the University's efforts to tackle pressing societal concerns, exploring advancements in delivering high-quality healthcare services to underserved populations could be pertinent.
  3. Climate Change Impacts on Public Health: With sustainability and environmental awareness playing crucial roles, comprehending the effects of climate change on public health and preventive measures against related diseases may feature prominently.
  4. Space Medicine Research: Recognizing the significance of space exploration, having insights into the implications of prolonged exposure to microgravity conditions on astronauts' health could be advantageous.
  5. Transforming Student Lives: Discussing approaches to enhancing educational opportunities, particularly in STEM fields, and supporting career growth post-graduation may resonate with the University's dedication to shaping successful futures for its graduates.

University of Arizona Medical School Interview Information

Official Sources

  • College of Medicine - Tucson: Additional Resources page does not contain direct interview details, but may offer relevant insights.
  • Office of Admissions (for both Tucson and Phoenix): Offers mock multiple mini-interview workshops for pre-health students.

Community Discussions

  • StudentDoctor.Net Forum Thread: Provides firsthand accounts and impressions from interviewees regarding the Phoenix campus, including comments on the MMI format, curricular focus, and student culture.

University of Arizona Values and Mission Statement

  • Mission Statement: Not explicitly stated within the search results; however, the emphasis on diversity and inclusivity mentioned suggests alignment with values promoting equity and accessibility in higher education.

Region-Specific Healthcare Issues

  • Healthcare Challenges in Arizona: While no explicit regional healthcare challenges are detailed in the search results, understanding local health concerns can demonstrate interest and awareness when discussing these topics during interviews.

University of Arizona Related Healthcare Issues

  • Curriculum Emphasizing Public Health: Some commentators note the integration of public health concepts into the curriculum, indicating a broader perspective beyond traditional biomedical training.

University of Arizona Community Engagement

  • Community Outreach Initiatives: Although not directly addressed in the search results, prospective students interested in community service might explore existing programs at the University of Arizona College of Medicine to showcase commitment to serving underserved populations.

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Interview Format
Virtual or not?
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Interview Format
Virtual or not?
Historic Interview Date

Interview Format
Virtual or not?
Historic Interview Date
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