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Tulane University Values and Mission Statement

Tulane University School of Medicine emphasizes a humanistic approach to medicine, treating patients as partners in care and focusing on whole body preventative medicine. Their motto is "We heal communities, we heal people," reflecting their commitment to serve the underserved population, particularly in New Orleans, with over 20 student-run clinics and a Culinary Medicine Center involved in community initiatives.

Relevant Healthcare Issues for Tulane University Interviews

For your preparation, consider the following topics related to Tulane University School of Medicine:

  • Community Engagement: Understand how Tulane integrates community service and working with various populations into its curriculum and extracurricular activities.

  • New Orleans Population: Demonstrate awareness of the local context, including challenges faced by the underserved population and potential solutions offered by Tulane's educational model.

  • Public Health Initiatives: Show knowledge of public health efforts undertaken by Tulane, especially those addressing regional health disparities.

  • Clinical Experience: Be ready to discuss the significance of hands-on learning experiences provided by affiliated institutions, such as Charity Hospital.

  • Student Life: Reflect on the collaborative culture fostered among students and the impact of the social aspects of studying in New Orleans.

Tulane University Values and Mission


  • Diversity among students and staff fostering a collaborative learning environment.
  • Commitment to excellence in education, research, and service.
  • Social responsibility and civic engagement within the local community and beyond.

Mission Statement:

To advance knowledge and improve health outcomes locally, regionally, and globally through innovative educational experiences, pioneering scientific discovery, and compassionate care.

Healthcare Issues Relevant to Tulane University Interview

For the Tulane University interview, being aware of certain healthcare issues could enhance your understanding of the institution's mission and values. These topics might arise during discussions related to public health challenges faced in the New Orleans area and around the globe:

  • Hurricane Katrina recovery efforts and ongoing disaster preparedness strategies.
  • Community outreach initiatives addressing poverty, homelessness, and food insecurity.
  • Environmental justice and climate change impacts on health disparities.
  • Global health partnerships focusing on infectious diseases, tropical medicine, and international aid.

Tulane University Medical School Interview Resources

Official Tulane University Medical School Admission Page

  • URL:
  • Description: This official webpage contains detailed information about the admissions process, including frequently asked questions regarding the interview procedures at Tulane University School of Medicine. It outlines the steps involved in scheduling and participating in the interview process.

Tulane University Values and Mission Statement

  • URL: N/A
  • Description: Although a direct link was not provided in the search results, high-quality resources often mention the importance of understanding the institution's core values and mission when preparing for an interview. Therefore, potential candidates should visit the main Tulane University website and navigate to the 'About Us' section to access the institutional values and mission statements.

Region-Specific Tulane University Healthcare Issues

  • URL:
  • Description: One of the secondary application essay prompts asks applicants to discuss relevant health disparities affecting the local patient population and propose ways to address them while studying at Tulane. This resource indicates key regional concerns that might arise during discussions around healthcare challenges faced by the area serviced by Tulane University.

Community Engagement at Tulane University

  • URL:
  • Description: Visiting the dedicated 'Community Engagement' page on the Tulane University School of Medicine site reveals various initiatives and projects aimed at improving public health locally. Understanding these efforts demonstrates commitment towards addressing real-world problems and reflects positively during interviews.

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