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The University of Toronto Values and Mission Statement

University of Toronto Libraries

  • Ongoing Learning
  • Professional Curiosity
  • Innovation and Creativity
  • Connection and Collaboration
  • User-First Approach
  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity
  • Environmental Stewardship
  • Continuous Improvement Based on Feedback
  • Respect for Different Opinions
  • Collegial Work Environment.

University of Toronto Scarborough

  • Inclusive Excellence
  • Global Leadership in Scholarship.

UofT Student Life

  • Fostering Learning, Growth, Connection, Communities, and Support
  • Every Student Finds Belonging and Flourishes During Their Journey
  • EDIAB Framework for Increasing Equity, Justice, Sense of Belonging, and Understanding Diversity
  • Centering Health and Well-Being
  • Intentional Relationship Building and Community Development
  • Holistic Learning and Personal, Academic, Career Goals Support
  • Proactive Adaptation to Changing Needs and Priorities.

University of Toronto Press

  • Connect Ideas for a Better World
  • Being a Global Leader in Cultivating Consequential Ideas That Positively Impact Society
  • Respect, Innovation, Accountability, and Customer Focus.

Human Resources and Employment Services

  • Principles of EDII and Fundamental Role in Achieving Excellence
  • Empowering the University Community
  • Delivering Strategic, Innovative, and Equitable Outcomes
  • Systematic Change Towards Greater Inclusion, Diversity, and Equity.

Region-Specific University of Toronto Healthcare Issues

  • Primary Care Transformation: Canada's primary care system faces challenges in terms of timely access to doctors, forming effective inter-professional teams, and efficient communication across different healthcare settings.

Community Engagement Activities of the University of Toronto

  • Dalla Lana School of Public Health: Focuses on strengthening primary care to enhance the sustainability and resilience of Canada's healthcare system.
  • Department of Health & Society: Committed to interdisciplinary research and education concerning health, disability, illness, and disease.

University of Toronto Values and Mission Statement

  • No direct reference found in provided search results. Visit official University of Toronto websites for detailed information on institutional values and mission statements.

University of Toronto Related Healthcare Issues

  • Discussions on Canadian healthcare policies and challenges faced by the country's healthcare system:

Region-Specific University of Toronto Healthcare Issues

  • Not explicitly mentioned in the search results. Investigate local resources and publications specific to Ontario or Greater Toronto Area for regional healthcare concerns.

University of Toronto Community Engagement

  • Opportunities for prospective students to engage with the campus community:

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