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Rush University Values and Mission Statement


Rush University holds certain values dear, which guide its actions and interactions within the community. These values are:

  • Compassionate Care
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Integrity

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Rush University reflects its dedication to advancing the health of individuals and diverse communities it serves through world-class teaching programs, cutting-edge research, and exceptional patient care. Its aim is to educate tomorrow's leaders in health care, conduct transformative research, and provide expert, patient-centered care.

Healthcare Issues to Know About for Rush University Interviews

For prospective students preparing for interviews at Rush University, it's beneficial to be aware of various healthcare issues that align with the university's commitments. Some key topics include:

  • Patient Autonomy and Decision Making

    Understanding the concept of patient autonomy and being able to balance it against the provision of comprehensive information necessary for informed consent demonstrates an appreciation for the complexities of modern medicine.

  • Budget Management and Resource Allocation

    Being cognizant of the fiscal realities of healthcare delivery systems and having practical experience in allocating limited resources shows competence in handling operational pressures.

  • Organization and Prioritization Skills

    Showcasing organizational prowess and the capacity to set priorities amid competing demands highlights professionalism and suitability for demanding roles.

  • Triage Principles and Critical Thinking

    Displaying aptitude in rapid assessment of patient needs and the capability to make sound judgments under pressure exhibits mental agility requisite for dealing with emergent scenarios.

  • Motivation and Coping Strategies

    Revealing resilience and tactics for preserving drive even in taxing environments indicates emotional intelligence crucial for sustaining performance in rigorous professions.

Rush University Values and Mission Statement


Rush University values integrity, service, collaboration, diversity, innovation, accountability, and leadership. These core values guide the actions and interactions within the academic community and shape the culture of learning, teaching, discovery, and healing.

Mission Statement

Rush University aims to educate tomorrow's leaders in health sciences; conduct research that advances new models of disease prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and cure; and deliver world-class patient care that improves the lives of those we serve.

Healthcare Issues to Know for the Rush University Interview

For the Rush University interview, applicants should be aware of key healthcare issues affecting society. Some relevant topics might include:

  • Covid: Understanding the ongoing pandemic and its implications for public health policy and practice.
  • Opioid Crisis: Recognizing the scope of opioid addiction and efforts towards mitigation and harm reduction.
  • Accessibility: Addressing disparities in healthcare access due to socioeconomic factors, geographic location, or other barriers.
  • Health Equity: Promoting equitable distribution of healthcare services and addressing social determinants of health.
  • Mental Health Care: Ensuring adequate mental health support systems and integration into overall healthcare delivery.
  • Innovation in Treatments: Keeping up with advancements in therapeutic options across various specialties.
  • Public Policy Impact: Assessing the effects of legislative changes on healthcare provision and affordability.

These themes align with Rush University's dedication to advancing education, conducting groundbreaking research, and offering exceptional patient care tailored to individual needs.

Rush University Related Content

Mission Statement

You can find the official mission statement of Rush University directly on their website:


While values might not be explicitly listed on the provided pages, you can infer them from statements made throughout the website regarding dedication to excellent patient care, innovation, education, diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice. These themes align with the broader values often associated with academic medical centers focused on improving public health.

Healthcare Issues

For insights into regional healthcare issues relevant to Rush University, consider exploring local news articles discussing healthcare trends, policy changes, and initiatives affecting the greater Chicago area. Additionally, reports published by organizations such as the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation or Kaiser Family Foundation can provide data-driven perspectives on national and statewide healthcare concerns.

Community Engagement

To learn about Rush University's community engagement efforts, visit sections of their website dedicated to community partnerships, service learning programs, and volunteer opportunities. Examples include:

  • Rush Alzheimer's Disease Center:
  • Rush Transplant Care Cente:
  • Rush Epilepsy Center:

These centers frequently engage with surrounding communities to raise awareness, support fundraising campaigns, and participate in educational activities.

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