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RFU Values and Mission Statement


RFU values emphasize professional excellence, integrity, innovation, diversity, equity, inclusion, sustainability, and accountability. These values align with the mission statement and drive the institution towards achieving its goals.

Mission Statement

To improve lives and society through innovative education, research, and healthcare.

Relevant Issues for RFU Interviews

For the Rosalind Franklin University interview, you should be aware of several pertinent healthcare issues. Here are some examples:

  • Universal Healthcare: Understanding perspectives on accessibility and affordability of healthcare services across populations.

  • Genomics: Familiarity with advances in genomic technology and their potential impact on personalized medicine.

  • Biopsychosocial Approach to Medicine: Recognizing the importance of considering biological, psychological, and social factors in diagnosis and treatment.

  • Public Health Integration: Appreciating the connection between public health initiatives and individual patient care.

  • Health Policy Debates: Stay updated on discussions regarding national policies influencing healthcare delivery systems.

These subjects represent broad themes that encompass contemporary challenges facing healthcare providers and institutions. Preparing for conversations around these issues demonstrates your awareness of the complex landscape in which modern medicine operates.

Rosalind Franklin University Values and Mission Statement


Rosalind Franklin values integrity, innovation, leadership, inclusiveness, and excellence.

Mission Statement

The mission statement focuses on educating individuals to become highly skilled practitioners dedicated to improving the lives of those affected by disabling conditions. It emphasizes advancing the frontiers of rehabilitation sciences through innovative educational programs, translational research projects, and evidence-based practices.

Healthcare Issues to Know for the Rosalind Franklin University Interview

For the Rosalind Franklin University interview, particularly for the multiple mini-interview (MMI), you should be aware of several contemporary healthcare issues. Here are some relevant topics:

  • Genomics: Understanding genetics and personalized medicine.
  • Universal Healthcare: Discuss the US's position on universal healthcare.
  • Biopsychosocial Approach to Medicine: Demonstrate awareness of this holistic view of patient care.
  • Health Insurance Plans: Familiarize yourself with concepts like HMOs and PPOs.
  • Public Health Integration: Show comprehension of applying public health principles to medicine.
  • Clinical Experience: Reflect on your clinical encounters and discuss how they shaped your interest in medicine.
  • Communication Skills: Prepare examples demonstrating strong verbal and written abilities.
  • Time Management: Describe methods used to balance academic responsibilities with extracurricular activities.
  • Professional Development: Articulate goals for ongoing growth as a future healthcare provider.

Remember, the MMI aims to evaluate both your general knowledge regarding current healthcare and societal issues and your capacity to think critically, communicate effectively, and make ethically sound decisions.

Citation and References

Interview Process at RFUMS

The following resources provide insights into the interview process at Rosalind Franklin University Medical School (RFUMS):

  • Interviews - This page on the official website outlines what applicants should expect during an admissions interview at RFUMS.
  • Application Portal: The application portal provides detailed instructions and requirements for applying to RFUMS.

RFUMS Values and Mission Statement

Understanding the values and mission statement of RFUMS can be crucial when preparing for an interview. Here are some relevant resources:

  • Mission & Vision: A comprehensive overview of the institution's core beliefs and aims.

Healthcare Issues Related to RFUMS Region

Knowledge about regional health concerns may also come up during the interview. These resources offer insight into localized healthcare challenges:

  • Health Outcomes Center: Research conducted by this center focuses on rural and community health topics that could impact patient care within the area served by RFUMS.

Community Engagement Activities at RFUMS

Demonstrating awareness of the university's commitment to its surrounding communities might impress interviewers. Consider exploring these pages for more details:

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