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University of Ottawa Values and Mission Statement

Faculty of Health Sciences

There does not appear to be specific mention of the Faculty of Health Sciences' values and mission statement within the search results provided. However, you may want to review general statements related to the broader academic context of the institution. For example, the University of Ottawa has a commitment to innovation, sharing knowledge, fostering collaboration across disciplines, promoting well-being, and contributing positively to society. Additionally, there is a focus on training future leaders in various fields, including medicine, nursing, and rehabilitation sciences.

Interview Preparation

For the purposes of preparing for a medical school interview at the University of Ottawa, it would be beneficial to have a broad understanding of current healthcare issues relevant to Ontario and Canada. This could involve staying informed about topics such as access to care, wait times, mental health services, rural health challenges, Indigenous health disparities, digital health technologies, population aging, chronic disease management, health equity, patient safety, and system reform initiatives. Familiarizing yourself with these areas will demonstrate your awareness of the complex landscape of Canadian healthcare and your ability to engage critically with contemporary issues affecting patients and providers alike.

Region-Specific Healthcare Issues

For prospective medical students interviewing at the University of Ottawa, being aware of regional healthcare challenges would demonstrate preparedness and dedication. According to the search results provided, some specific areas of concern related to the Ottawa area include:

Accessibility and Transportation

Issues surrounding access to healthcare facilities and efficient transport systems are crucial considerations when designing a new healthcare center. Ensuring easy access for patients and visitors is paramount.

Parking and Design

Parking availability and thoughtful architectural designs play a significant role in ensuring smooth operations and user satisfaction within a healthcare setting.

Environmental Impact

Sustainable design choices and eco-friendly operational strategies are becoming increasingly important aspects of healthcare infrastructure planning. For instance, The Ottawa Hospital uses ulta low-flow anaesthesia in its operating rooms to reduce energy consumption.

Community Engagement Activities

University of Ottawa engages in several community projects aimed at enhancing community relations and fostering civic responsibilities. Notably, the Center for Global and Community Engagement (CGCE), which promotes community engagement and social responsibility, connects students with volunteer opportunities across different sectors including health promotion.

University of Ottawa Medical School Interview Information

For detailed information about the University of Ottawa medical school interview process, visit Videoath.

University of Ottawa Values and Mission Statement

To locate the official values and mission statement of the University of Ottawa, refer directly to the university website at

Healthcare Issues Related to the Region Served by the University of Ottawa

Explore regional healthcare issues served by the University of Ottawa through the Government of Canada's webpage dedicated to local services and organizations within the National Capital Region, accessible via this page. Additionally, review the Community Services Directory published by the Champlain Local Integrated Health Network for further insight into regional healthcare concerns.

University of Ottawa Community Engagement Initiatives

Stay updated on the University of Ottawa's community engagement activities by visiting the Office of Community Life section of the university's website at

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