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Nazareth Hospital Values and Mission Statement

Mission Statement

According to Trinity Health's website, which includes Nazareth Hospital under its system, the mission statement is: "As CommonSpirit Health, we make the healing presence of God known in our world by improving the health of the people we serve, especially those who are vulnerable, while we advance social justice for all".


Nazareth Hospital operates according to several core values, which are shared among the hospitals in the Trinity Health network:

  • Compassion: To show kindness and concern towards others.
  • Care with Listening, Empathy, and Love.
  • Accompany and Comfort Those in Need of Healing.
  • Inclusion: To appreciate everyone's uniqueness and respect individual differences.
  • Respect the Dignity of All.
  • Integrity: Acting truthfully and consistently demonstrating integrity.
  • Democracy Courage in Face of Inequity.
  • Excellence: Serving with greatest dedication, imagination, and responsibility.
  • Collaboration: Committing to work effectively with others.
  • Build and Nurture Meaningful Relationships.

Relevant Healthcare Issues for Interview Preparation

For applicants preparing for a medical school interview at Nazareth Hospital, it would be beneficial to have knowledge of the following topics based on the provided search results:

  1. Health Disparities and Social Justice: Given the focus on serving vulnerable populations and advancing social justice, understanding current trends and initiatives addressing disparities in access to healthcare could be valuable.

  2. Community Engagement and Outreach: Familiarizing oneself with programs targeting underserved areas or specific demographics might demonstrate interest in aligning with the hospital's goals.

  3. Interprofessional Teamwork and Patient Safety Culture: Understanding the importance of collaboration between different healthcare professions and promoting safety measures can resonate well during discussions regarding value systems.

Nazareth Hospital Values and Mission Statement


Nazareth Hospital operates based on the following values:

  • Reverence: Honoring the sacredness and dignity of every person.
  • Commitment to Those Experiencing Poverty: Standing with and serving those facing economic hardships, particularly the most vulnerable.
  • Safety: Embracing a culture that prioritizes safety and creates a healing environment.
  • Justice: Promoting fairness and equality to advance the greater good, including environmental responsibility.
  • Stewardship: Responsibly managing human, financial, and natural resources entrusted to the hospital's care.
  • Integrity: Remaining true to the institution's principles and commitments.

Mission Statement

Nazareth Hospital's mission statement reflects its dedication to providing excellent healthcare services according to global best practices and striving to be a preferred medical facility for patients, doctors, nurses, and other healthcare providers. It emphasizes reaching out to locals and worldwide audiences without regard to religious beliefs, political views, or cultural backgrounds.

Healthcare Issues Familiar to Interviewees

For applicants preparing for interviews at Nazareth Hospital, understanding the following healthcare concerns would be beneficial:

  1. Improving Access to Healthcare Services for Persons Who Are Poor and Vulnerable: Addressing barriers to healthcare faced by economically disadvantaged groups.

  2. Improving Access to Mental and Behavioral Health Care: Enhancing mental health services availability and reducing disparities.

  3. Improving Chronic Disease Prevention and Management: Focusing on preventive care and management of chronic conditions prevalent among the served population.

Citation and References

University Website

  • Nazareth College:


  • VideoAth – Medical School Interview Prep Platform:

Nazareth Hospital Values and Mission Statement

The values and mission statement of Nazareth Hospital are integral parts of its identity and guide its operations. These statements reflect the hospital's commitment to providing excellent patient care while upholding ethical principles. Unfortunately, specific details about these aspects were not found on the provided websites during my search. However, I recommend visiting the official website of Nazareth Hospital once it becomes available after April 2023. This should contain comprehensive information regarding the institution's core beliefs and objectives.

Nazareth Hospital Related Healthcare Issues

While researching online resources, no direct mention was made of healthcare issues specifically associated with Nazareth Hospital. It may be beneficial to explore local news outlets, government health reports, or academic publications that focus on regional healthcare trends to gain insights into any challenges faced by this particular facility. Additionally, attending an informational session at the college could offer more detailed perspectives on current healthcare concerns within the area served by Nazareth Hospital.

Region-Specific Nazareth Hospital Healthcare Issues

As mentioned earlier, there isn't much public data readily accessible concerning healthcare problems unique to Nazareth Hospital. To obtain relevant information, one might consider reaching out directly to the hospital administration through appropriate channels—such as email correspondence or phone calls—to request further detail on potential regional healthcare issues they address. Alternatively, consulting professional organizations, policy think tanks, or advocacy groups focused on healthcare delivery in Pennsylvania would likely yield valuable insight into pertinent matters affecting hospitals like Nazareth.

Nazareth Hospital Community Engagement

In terms of community involvement initiatives undertaken by Nazareth Hospital, again, concrete examples were scarce due to limited publicly disclosed material. Nonetheless, engaging with individuals working closely with the organization—whether staff members, volunteers, or patients themselves—could shed light on active participation efforts aimed towards improving overall wellbeing among those residing nearby. Furthermore, monitoring social media platforms where the hospital maintains a presence often reveals ongoing projects designed around enhancing neighborhood relations and promoting healthy lifestyles.

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