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Nassau University Medical Center Values and Mission Statement


Nassau University Medical Center operates based on values that prioritize delivering high-quality health care services to individuals irrespective of their financial capacity. The institution aims to ensure that no one is denied necessary medical attention due to lack of funds.


The mission statement of Nassau University Medical Center revolves around providing comprehensive, high-quality health care services to patients while maintaining a focus on affordability and accessibility. Additionally, the center strives to offer exceptional medical education opportunities and contribute significantly to advancing medical science through research endeavors.

Issues to Know About for the Nassau University Medical Center Interview

When preparing for an interview at Nassau University Medical Center, candidates should have a good understanding of several key aspects of the institution and the broader context of healthcare provision on Long Island:

  • Community Focus: Understand how Nassau University Medical Center caters to diverse populations, particularly vulnerable groups like immigrants and refugees.

  • Trauma Services: Given that NUMC is a Level I Trauma Center, applicants should demonstrate awareness about critical injury treatments provided there and the role it plays as the regional "safety net" hospital.

  • Clinical Specialties: Acquaint yourself with notable features like the Nassau County Firefighters Burn Center, the designation as a stroke center, and the presence of various specialist departments such as hypertension, diabetes, vascular disease, bariatrics, etc..

  • Academic Partnerships: Being aware of academic collaborations with institutions like the Northwell Health System, the Health Sciences Center of SUNY Stony Brook, and others will highlight your interest in interdisciplinary approaches to healthcare.

  • Research Initiatives: Showcase your appreciation for ongoing research activities conducted at NUMC, especially in areas where the institute takes leadership roles—such as cultural competence, technology integration, and mental health among immigrant communities.


  • Providing comprehensive high-quality health care services to patients regardless of their ability to pay.
  • Delivering coordinated medical care, and disease and lifestyle management, to everyone, at every stage of life.
  • Leading in the education, cultural competence, and technology advancements for trainees and international medical graduates.

Mission Statement

  • Serving as a leading institution in delivering culturally competent, state-of-the-art clinical care to diverse populations, particularly vulnerable groups such as immigrants and refugees.
  • Educating future generations of medical professionals while maintaining academic excellence and promoting scholarly activities.

Health Issues to Know About

  1. Trauma: Being a Level I trauma center, understanding how to manage severe traumatic injuries is crucial.
  2. Hyperbaric Treatment: Nassau University Medical Center operates one of the few multiplace hyperbaric chambers on Long Island, used for treating conditions such as decompression sickness and gas gangrene.
  3. Robotic Surgery: NUMC is recognized as a Center of Excellence in Robotic Surgery, highlighting advanced techniques using tools like the Da Vinci robot.
  4. Burn Management: With the Nassau County Firefighters' Burn Center, expertise in burn care and recovery is important.
  5. Psychiatry: The Von Tauber Institute focuses on global mental health, reflecting the multicultural nature of the patient population served.

URL Citations

Nassau University Medical Center Interview Information:

  • Official website:

Values and Mission Statements:

  • "We're committed to quality, diversity, education, and community." – Source:

Related Healthcare Issues:

  • Smoke-Free Environment policy:
  • Equal educational opportunities for medical students and graduates regarding color, religion, national origin, etc.:

Region-Specific Healthcare Issues:

No regional-specific healthcare issue was found among the search results. However, it would typically fall within the scope of local news articles and reports pertaining to the geographic location served by Nassau University Medical Center. These could potentially cover various aspects such as disease prevalence, population health trends, resource allocation challenges, and initiatives addressing unique healthcare concerns in the region. To find such information, one might need to refer to local media platforms, public health agencies, or research papers focusing specifically on the Nassau County area.

Community Engagement Activities:

The search did not yield explicit examples of community engagement activities conducted by Nassau University Medical Center. Such engagements often involve partnerships between academic centers and communities aimed at improving health outcomes, promoting preventive measures, increasing awareness, and fostering collaborative efforts towards better overall health. They usually appear in press releases, annual reports, or dedicated sections on institutional websites highlighting civic involvement. Therefore, potential resources for finding information on Nassau University Medical Center's community engagement activities would again reside in similar channels mentioned earlier—local news coverage, organizational publications, and online announcements detailing ongoing projects or events involving the center.

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