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Memorial University of Newfoundland Values and Mission Statement

The Faculty of Nursing

  • Vision: To be an exemplary model in promoting health for all peoples of Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Mission: Committed to leading in promoting health and well-being, equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and Indigenization through innovative education, transformative research, and proactive and responsive service. Graduates will excel in nursing practice and embody these qualities.
  • Values: Excellence, Advocacy and Responsiveness, Collaboration, Partnerships, Collegiality, Equity, Diversity, Inclusion, Anti-Racism, and Indigenization, Leadership, Responsibility.

General University Values

  • Vision: Memorial University aims to become one of the most distinguished public universities in Canada and globally, honoring its commitment to the people of Newfoundland and Labrador.
  • Mission: An inclusive community dedicated to fostering innovation and excellence in teaching and learning, research, scholarship, creative activity, service, and public engagement. Welcoming and supporting students and scholars worldwide, contributing knowledge and expertise both locally and internationally.
  • Values: Excellence, Integrity, Collegiality, Inclusiveness and Diversity, Responsiveness, Accountability, Freedom and Discovery, Recognition, Responsibility to Place, Responsibility to Learners, Interdisciplinary Collaboration, Sustainability.

Relevant Healthcare Issues for MUN Medical School Applicants

Given the focus on rural medicine and addressing regional disparities in healthcare, applicants could benefit from understanding topics related to:

  • Rural Medicine Challenges
  • Access to Care in Remote Areas
  • Population Health Management Strategies
  • Cultural Competency in Practice
  • Public Health Initiatives Specific to NL Communities
  • Innovations in Telehealth Services

Region-Specific Healthcare Issues

Memorial University of Newfoundland engages in various initiatives related to regional healthcare issues. Some notable areas of concern include:

  • Health Equity: Focusing on improving access to healthcare services and reducing disparities across populations, particularly in rural and remote communities.
  • Indigenous Health: Addressing the specific health needs and concerns of indigenous communities, considering historical and ongoing impacts of colonial practices.
  • Non-Communicable Diseases: Exploring prevention and management strategies for chronic diseases prevalent in local communities.
  • Population Health: Examining the broader determinants of health, including socioeconomic, environmental, and behavioral factors affecting community health outcomes.

Community Engagement Initiatives

The university actively participates in community engagement programs aimed at enhancing collaboration between academia and community partners. These initiatives involve:

  • Workshops and Dialogue: Hosting events to foster discussion around service learning, community-engaged research, and promoting mutual benefits.
  • Online Portals: Establishing platforms to facilitate connections between stakeholders, sharing resources, and fostering community-academic partnerships.
  • Student Training: Integrating community placements and experiential learning opportunities into curricula to prepare future healthcare professionals for real-world practice.
  • Research Capacity Building: Supporting scholars pursuing advanced degrees in fields related to community health and humanities.

These endeavors aim to enhance the effectiveness of healthcare delivery, inform policy decisions, and ensure that education remains responsive to the evolving needs of society.

Memorial University of Newfoundland Medical School Interview Information

General Information

  • URL:
  • Format: Hybrid Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) and Competencies Assessment
  • Duration: 8 station MMI + 30 minute Competencies Assessment
  • Assessors: Three per session
  • Online During Covid-19 Pandemic

Application Evaluation

  • URL:
  • Evaluation Criteria: Academic Ability, Work Experience, Volunteering & Community Involvement, Competitive CASPer Score

Memorial University of Newfoundland Values and Mission Statement

  • No direct source found within search results. However, values and mission statement can usually be found on the official university website under 'About Us' section or similar navigation menu item.

Regional Health Care Issues

  • Not directly specified in the search results. For regional health care issues, one might refer to government reports, news articles, or public health data pertaining to Newfoundland and Labrador specifically.

Community Engagement

  • Again, no direct mention in the search results. Engagement initiatives vary widely among institutions and regions. Students seeking examples of community engagement projects associated with Memorial University of Newfoundland may explore local media coverage, press releases, or the institution's social responsibility pages.

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