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University of Manitoba Values and Mission Statement


"To create, preserve, communicate and apply knowledge, contributing to the cultural, social and economic well-being of the people of Manitoba, Canada and the world.".


"To take our place among leading universities through a commitment to transformative research and scholarship and innovative teaching and learning, uniquely strengthened by Indigenous knowledge and perspectives."


  • Academic Freedom
  • Accountability
  • Collegiality
  • Equity and Inclusion
  • Excellence
  • Innovation
  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Sustainability

Healthcare Issues for Interview Preparation

While specific health topics may vary year to year based on emerging trends and public interest, some general themes could be relevant for discussion during a medical school interview at the University of Manitoba:

  1. Indigenous Health: Given the University's focus on incorporating Indigenous knowledge and perspectives into its curriculum, understanding the historical context of colonialism and how it affects present-day health outcomes for Indigenous populations would be valuable.

  2. Rural Medicine: As many medical professionals go on to practice in rural settings due to high demand, discussing strategies for addressing physician shortages and improving care delivery in remote regions might be pertinent.

  3. Chronic Disease Management: With aging populations comes increased prevalence of chronic conditions; exploring ways to improve prevention efforts and enhance management plans for diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer could be timely topics.

  4. Health System Reforms: Discussions about ongoing changes to the organization and financing of healthcare systems, including innovations aimed at reducing costs while maintaining quality standards, could align with the University's emphasis on fostering scholarly engagement.

Region-Specific Healthcare Issues at the University of Manitoba

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion Initiatives

The University of Manitoba emphasizes equity, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) in its healthcare curricula. It addresses racial biases and inequities in the medical field through various initiatives, including a government-funded project with Western University to enhance EDIDI awareness among students via online courses and practical placements in Africa. Additionally, the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences engages in ongoing conversations regarding EDI through committees and communities of practice.

Collaborations with Local Organizations

The University of Manitoba fosters strong ties with local community groups, aiming to improve healthcare education and service. They regularly organize joint ventures, offering numerous volunteer and internship positions for students seeking hands-on experience in serving the broader community.

Focus on Indigenous Health

Given its geographical context, the University places significant emphasis on indigenous health issues. Through entities like Ongomiizwin, the Indigenous Institute of Health and Healing, they promote reconciliation actions plans and actively involve indigenous voices in shaping healthcare policies and strategies.

Community Engagement Activities

Department of Community Health Sciences

This department focuses on providing comprehensive training in public health and preventive medicine. Its key features include:

  • Multiple research groups dedicated to advancing population mental health research, qualitative studies, and injury prevention research.
  • Support for community-based organizations (CBOs) through the Community Health Information and Research Partnerships (CHIRP).
  • Offering a Biomedical Youth Program, a free summer camp for children interested in scientific exploration.

Office of Community Engaged Learning

The Office of Community Engaged Learning (CEL) plays a pivotal role in connecting students with diverse communities in Canada and beyond. Their focus includes:

  • Anti-racism training and Indigenous education workshops informed by a Métis perspective.
  • Land-based education programs developed in consultation with urban Indigenous communities.

University of Manitoba Medical School Interview Resources

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  • Max Rady College of Medicine:
  • Application Process:
  • Admission Statistics:
  • Indigenous Admission Pathway:

Interview Details

For the 2021–2022 application cycle, the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) consisted of six (6) stations, with each station having three (3) questions. Completing the six (6) stations took applicants roughly two (2) hours to complete. The format for the upcoming cycles has not been confirmed whether it will be virtual or in-person.

University of Manitoba Values and Mission Statement

The University of Manitoba Max Rady College of Medicine strives to "develop, deliver, and evaluate high-quality educational programs" for various levels of medical professionals. Its mission involves conducting research and providing advisory services to promote excellence in healthcare service planning and development.

Regional Healthcare Issues

Healthcare challenges faced within the province of Manitoba are addressed by the college, aiming to produce skilled practitioners capable of addressing local needs effectively. While detailed regional issues are not explicitly stated in the search results, the emphasis on developing leaders in healthcare suggests awareness and responsiveness to provincial concerns.

Community Engagement

The University of Manitoba emphasizes its commitment to engaging with communities across Manitoba. Through partnerships and initiatives, the institution seeks to foster collaborations that benefit society and advance academic endeavors.

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