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Loma Linda University Values and Mission Statement


Loma Linda University operates according to eight core principles, referred to as the Eight Core Principles of Wholeness:

  1. Balance – Integrating body, mind, and spirit.
  2. Compassion – Serving others with kindness and concern.
  3. Faith – Trusting Divine power for healing.
  4. Hope – Offering encouragement and optimism.
  5. Justice – Advocating fairness and equity.
  6. Love – Expressing warmth and caring.
  7. Respect – Honoring self and others.
  8. Service – Helping communities locally and abroad.

These guiding principles shape the institutional culture and influence daily interactions among individuals associated with the university.

Mission Statement

Loma Linda University's mission is defined as follows:

Our mission is to continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus Christ to make man whole.

This mission reflects the institution's deep roots in service and spiritual guidance, aiming to nurture wholeness—physically, mentally, socially, and spiritually—through excellence in education, research, and clinical care.

Relevant Healthcare Issues for the Loma Linda University Interview

For the Loma Linda University interview, it is advisable to be informed about the following topics related to healthcare:

  • Ethical dilemmas in medicine.
  • Knowledge about the Seventh-day Adventist Church lifestyle and beliefs, considering Loma Linda's affiliation with the denomination.
  • Understanding of contemporary challenges facing U.S. healthcare, such as rising costs, insurance coverage, and disparities in access to care.
  • Familiarity with local healthcare trends and concerns affecting the region served by Loma Linda University Hospital.

Loma Linda University Values and Mission Statement

The mission statement of Loma Linda University focuses on excellence in Christ-like healing, learning, and service within a community dedicated to whole person care..

Relevant Healthcare Issues for Loma Linda University Interviews

While there is no direct reference to current healthcare issues discussed in the search results, applicants preparing for interviews at Loma Linda University should expect questions related to the institution's emphasis on Christian principles, compassion, adaptability, integrity, and collaboration. They might also face queries regarding their future goals in line with the university's status as a premier educational institution on the West Coast.

Loma Linda University Medical School Interview Information

Application Timeline

  • May: AMCAS application opens.
  • July–November: Verified AMCAS applications and letters of recommendation are received; early decision program invitations to interview are sent via email.
  • July–January: Review of regular MD and MD/PhD applications.
  • October 1: Notification of admissions committee decisions for early decision program applicants.
  • September–March: Invitations to interview for regular MD and MD/PhD applicants.
  • November 1: Deadline for regular MD and MD/PhD AMCAS application.
  • November 15: Secondary application and letters of recommendation deadline for regular MD and MD/PhD.
  • December 1: Plan to Enroll option opens in AMCAS for accepted students.
  • April 15: Accepted students narrow down acceptances to three medical schools.
  • April 30: Commit to Enroll option opens in AMCAS for accepted students.
  • July 10: Commit to Enroll required for accepted LLUSM students.
  • July 31: Orientation and Matriculation; White Coat Ceremony on Aug 1.

Loma Linda University Related Healthcare Issues

  • Focus on longevity research and Blue Zone principles.
  • Emphasis on preventive care and lifestyle modifications.
  • Integrative approach to healthcare combining traditional Western medicine with complementary therapies.

Region-Specific Loma Linda University Healthcare Issues

No specific regional healthcare issue mentioned in the search results.

Loma Linda University Community Engagement

  • Participation in local and global initiatives promoting healthy living and disease prevention.
  • Collaboration with communities to address public health concerns.

Please note that none of the cited sources directly reference the official website of Loma Linda University.

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