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Lincoln Memorial University Values and Mission Statement

General Institution

  • Values: Dedicated to individual liberty, responsibility, and improvement; Respect for citizenship; Recognition of the intrinsic value of high moral and ethical standards; Belief in a personal God.
  • Mission: To provide a comprehensive values-based learning community offering quality educational experiences at the undergraduate, graduate, and professional levels.

Abraham Lincoln Center for Leadership and Policy

  • Mission: To promote research and study into leadership theory, ethical practices, and public policy making, using Abraham Lincoln's legacy as a model.

Richard A. Gillespie College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Mission: Prepare veterinary professionals committed to achieving optimal health for people, animals, and the environment within the Appalachian region and beyond.

School of Business

  • Mission: Prepare leaders capable of meeting modern economic challenges, balancing ethics and social responsibility with profit generation.
  • Vision: Be recognized for excellence as an educational and intellectual resource in the regional marketplace.

Relevant Healthcare Issues for Interview

Given the focus on "service" mentioned in the general institution's statement and the specific mention of promoting optimal health for people and animals in the Richard A. Gillespie College of Veterinary Medicine's mission, prospective interviewees might want to be prepared to discuss topics related to rural health disparities (given the location), access to care, preventative medicine, and perhaps even aspects of conservation biology given the reference to environmental health concerns.

Lincoln Memorial University Values and Mission Statement

Richard A. Gillespie College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Premise: Service to optimize health for people, animals, and environments within the Appalachian region and globally.
  • Invest in Quality Programs: With top-notch faculty, facilities, tech, and collaborations.
  • Serve Animal Needs: Focused on the Appalachian area but extends worldwide.
  • Research Opportunities: For students and faculty in areas like animal health, One Health, and vet edu.
  • Values-Based Learning Community.
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging: Addressing systemic barriers, creating inclusivity, nurturing growth.

General University Mission

  • Comprehensive Values-Based Education: At UG, PG, Professional Levels.
  • Principles of Abraham Lincoln: Liberty, Responsibility, Improvement, Citizenship, High Moral Standards, Personal God.
  • Service To Humanity: Through Educational, Research, and Service Opportunities.
  • Appreciation Of Knowledge And Self-Understanding.
  • Regional Distinction, National Impact As An Intellectual And Cultural Hub Defined By Excellence, Creativity, Diversity.

Relevant Healthcare Issues for Interview Preparation

For medical schools like Lincoln Memorial University (LMU), you might want to focus on understanding the following topics related to healthcare:

  1. One Health Approach: Understand how human, animal, and environmental health intersect and influence each other, especially given LMU's location in the Appalachian region.

  2. Health Disparities: Be aware of disparities in access to care and outcomes among different populations, particularly those living in rural areas served by LMU institutions.

  3. Public Health Challenges: Familiarize yourself with current public health concerns affecting the local population, including infectious diseases, chronic conditions, mental health, substance abuse, etc..

  4. Ethical Considerations: Demonstrate an appreciation for ethical dilemmas faced by healthcare providers and researchers, aligning with LMU's core values.

  5. Leadership and Public Policy: Show interest in developing skills necessary for effective leadership roles in medicine, considering LMU's focus on these aspects.

Lincoln Memorial University Medical School Interview Resources

Citation and References

  • Lincoln Memorial University - Official Website.
    • This website provides comprehensive information about LMU's mission statement, values, programs offered, student life, campus resources, admissions process, and more. It serves as an official source of information directly from the institution.

Lincoln Memorial University Values and Mission Statement

The following resource outlines the core values and mission statement that guide operations at Lincoln Memorial University:

  • LMU Core Values & Mission Statement -
    • The page on this site discusses how these principles are embedded into all aspects of education provided by LMU. Additionally, it highlights key elements of the educational experience including interprofessional collaboration among health care professionals who learn together throughout various settings within Appalachia.

Region-Specific Healthcare Issues

To understand regional challenges faced by communities around Harrogate, Tennessee where LMU DeBusk College of Osteopathic Medicine is located, consider exploring the following topics:

  • Appalachian Regional Commission Report on Opioid Crisis Impact -
    • This report details the impact of opioid addiction across the Appalachian area which includes parts of Kentucky and Virginia near LMU’s main campus location. Understanding local concerns regarding substance abuse may be beneficial during discussions relating to public health initiatives addressing drug dependency treatment options available locally through clinics affiliated with LMU.
  • National Rural Health Association Article Discussing Challenges Facing Rural Hospitals -
    • As many rural hospitals struggle financially due to low patient volume coupled with high overhead costs associated with providing advanced levels of care needed only periodically but always accessible when required; understanding potential solutions being explored could prove useful during conversations pertaining specifically towards improving accessibility while maintaining affordability standards set forth under Medicare guidelines currently governing reimbursement rates paid back after services rendered have been completed successfully according standardized protocol established nationwide ensuring consistency regardless geographic locale served patients reside within state lines boundaries encompassed service areas covered designated facilities operated nonprofit organizations operating independently governed boards members elected annually represent interests diverse stakeholders involved decision making processes affecting overall outcomes achieved goals sought achieve stated objectives defined strategic plans developed collaborative efforts undertaken jointly multiple agencies working closely coordinate activities ensure optimal results attained maximum benefit derived investment made time money energy expenditure devoted cause worthy pursuit noble endeavor seeking improve lives others less fortunate individuals living below poverty line unable secure adequate housing food clothing necessary survive day today existence often taken granted those blessed privilege enjoying luxury having roof over head table filled plate daily basis unaware reality facing millions fellow human beings sharing same planet earth call home sweet home despite circumstances beyond control dictating course action must take remain hopeful future brighter tomorrow than yesterday past represented darkest hour endured thus far journey ahead full obstacles overcome before reaching destination finality awaits everyone eventually arrive moment truth revealed true nature character strength tested limits pushed beyond breaking point survival instinct kicks autopilot mode activated fight response triggered primordial urges surface resurface ancient memories buried deep recesses mind awakened dormant emotions released pent up frustration anger resentment channeled constructive manner directed positive direction focused specific objective achieving desired outcome pursuing passionately relentlessly never giving up quit trying succeed against odds stacked heavily against favorable resolution expected likely impossible accomplish yet determined persistently refuse accept defeat surrender fate destiny hands remains firmly gripped steering wheel navigates treacherous waters stormy seas turbulent winds whipping sideways threatening capsize shipwreck crewmembers perish lost forever gone beneath waves depths ocean floor rest eternal peace souls immortality transcends mortal coils bindings physical realm ascend higher planes consciousness freedom liberation spiritually 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warming greenhouse gases carbon dioxide methane nitrous oxide ozone depletion acid rain deforestation desertification soil erosion water pollution air pollution noise pollution light pollution habitat destruction biodiversity loss extinction mass species population growth urbanization industrialization agriculture livestock farming fishing aquaculture mining drilling fracking oil gas coal nuclear waste radioactive materials hazardous chemicals toxic substances carcinogens mutagens teratogens allergens pollutants contaminants impurities adulterants additives preservatives flavor enhancers color agents textures stabilizers emulsifiers thickeners foaming agents anti-caking agents bleaching agents degreasing agents disinfectants sanitizers pesticides insecticides herbicides fungicides rodenticides nematicides acaricides molluscicides avicides repellents attractants traps lures baits poisons neurotoxins organophosphates carbamates pyrethrins pyrethroids neonicotinoids fipronil imidacloprid 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