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Larkin Community Hospital Values and Mission Statement


Larkin Community Hospital values Coordination, Connection, and Commitment within its integrated healthcare delivery system across various campuses in South Miami, Hialeah, and Hollywood, Florida. These principles guide the organization in delivering a complete continuum of healthcare services through a wide range of inpatient and outpatient facilities, along with home health agency services in Miami-Dade and Broward counties.

Mission Statement

The primary focus of Larkin Community Hospital is on patient care and education. Their mission statement reflects this dual emphasis:

To provide access to compassionate care of the highest quality in an educational environment.

Healthcare Issues for Larkin Community Hospital Interview

For applicants preparing for a Larkin Community Hospital interview, understanding key aspects of the hospital's operations and initiatives would be beneficial. Some specific topics might include:

  1. Quality Initiatives: Given the recognition received by Larkin Community Hospital Palm Springs Campus for bariatric surgery and the 'A' grade awarded to Larkin South Miami campus for hospital safety, discussing how these achievements align with organizational goals could demonstrate awareness of current priorities.

  2. Quintuple Aim of Care: As part of their dedication to continuous improvement, Larkin adheres to the five aims of enhancing patient experience, improving population health, lowering costs, supporting provider wellbeing, and promoting health equity. Applicants may want to consider how they envision contributing to one or more of these objectives during their time at Larkin.

  3. Residency Training: With over 32 specialized residencies available, candidates interested in pursuing graduate studies at Larkin should highlight any relevant experiences or interests related to the particular field of medicine they wish to pursue.

Larkin Community Hospital Values and Mission Statement


  • Compassionate care
  • Educational environment
  • Commitment to patient care and resident education

Mission Statement

"Our mission is to provide compassionate care in an educational environment."

Key Healthcare Issues for Larkin Community Hospital Interview

When preparing for a Larkin Community Hospital interview, consider being aware of the following topics related to their focus areas:

  • Medical Specialties: Understand the breadth of specialties offered at Larkin South Miami, ranging from allergies to surgical procedures.
  • Research Focus: Demonstrate an appreciation for the importance of research and how it contributes to improving healthcare practices and outcomes. Showcase relevant experience if possible.
  • Academic Affiliations: Highlight any involvement or awareness of the partnership between Larkin Community Hospital and institutions like Larkin School of Nursing and the broader healthcare ecosystem they operate within.
  • Community Engagement: Express enthusiasm about serving diverse communities and contributing positively to public health initiatives.
  • Leadership Skills: Emphasize readiness to take on leadership roles, mentorship, and addressing complex societal challenges affecting healthcare provision.

Interview Information

  • Larkin University School of Medicine:

Values & Mission Statement

  • Larkin's Vision and Mission Statements are available on its official website under "About Us":

Healthcare Issues

Related Healthcare Issues

  • No specific health issue resources were found directly linked to Larkin Community Hospital at this time. However, general healthcare topics could be discussed during an interview based on current trends and challenges within the field. It would be beneficial to stay informed about these through reputable news outlets and professional organizations.

Region Specific Healthcare Issues

  • For regional healthcare concerns that may impact South Florida communities served by Larkin Community Hospital, one might look into local public health departments, statewide initiatives, and national datasets tailored towards those areas. Examples include:
    • Miami-Dade County Department of Public Health:
    • State of Florida Department of Health:
    • National Center for Health Statistics data portal:

Community Engagement

  • To understand how Larkin engages with its surrounding communities, consider exploring partnerships it has established with other institutions, charities, or programs aimed at improving population health outcomes. This type of information often appears on institutional websites or press releases.

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