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Kettering College Values and Mission Statement


  • Holistic Approach: Promote harmony among mind, body, spirit, and emotions in both individual and communal contexts.
  • Service Orientation: Commitment to creating environments where everyone contributes to promoting excellent student outcomes and supporting fulfilling lives for faculty and staff.
  • Health Advocacy: Encourage proactive measures to prevent stress and burnout, particularly among students and staff.
  • Whole Person Care: Emphasis on providing comprehensive and integrated care rather than focusing solely on treating illnesses or diseases.
  • Evidence-Based Practices: Utilize scientific research to inform decisions regarding health practices and policies.
  • Biblical Principles: Align actions with religious teachings related to health and wellness.
  • Satisfaction: Desire to ensure that students, faculty, and staff lead rewarding lives marked by meaningful contributions.

Mission Statement

To create a supportive atmosphere conducive to achieving optimal levels of health and wellness for every member of the Kettering College community.

Key Health Issues for Kettering College Interview

Given the emphasis on holistic health and wellness at Kettering College, candidates may benefit from having a broad awareness of various aspects of health and well-being beyond traditional biomedical concerns. Some topics could include:

  • Physical Activity: Understanding how regular moderate-intensity exercises positively affect chronic disease prevention, especially given the finding that even brief periods of intense physical activity can significantly decrease cancer risk.
  • Stress Management: Knowledge of strategies to manage stress and promote resilience, which aligns with the college's dedication to reducing stress and burnout experienced by students and staff.
  • Healthy Eating Habits: An appreciation for nutrition and balanced diets, potentially relevant due to the mention of sharing recipes and nutritional advice via the 'Holistic Health Corner' initiative.
  • Substance Abuse Prevention: Insight into approaches to curb addiction risks, fitting with the stated objective of using the college environment to foster healthy habits and prevent destructive ones.
  • Mental Health Support: Familiarity with techniques for addressing psychological distress, mirroring the broader institutional concern for employee and student welfare.

Kettering College Values and Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Kettering College prepares students for lives of extraordinary leadership and service by linking transformative experiential learning opportunities to rigorous academic programs in engineering, science, mathematics, and business. Its vision is to become the premier choice for those seeking to innovate technologically, lead, and serve.

Core Values

  • Respect: For teamwork, honesty, encouragement, diversity, and partnerships with students.
  • Integrity: Including accountability, transparency, and ethics.
  • Creativity: Fostering flexibility and innovation.
  • Collaboration: Across disciplines and with all partners.
  • Excellence: In everything they do.

Relevant Healthcare Issues

For the Kettering College interview, consider these topics:

  • Experiential Learning Opportunities: How would you leverage hands-on experiences to enhance your understanding of complex health problems?
  • Technological Innovation: Share examples where technology could improve healthcare delivery or outcomes.
  • Leadership and Service: Provide instances where you demonstrated exceptional leadership qualities in serving others.
  • Health Care Challenges: Identify significant public health concerns facing communities today and propose potential solutions based on evidence-based practices.

URL Citations and References:

Kettering College Official Website:


Provides general information about the college including its history, values, mission statement, programs, and services.

Kettering College Accelerated Programs:


Information about the fast-paced educational approach and various healthcare majors offered by Kettering College.

Kettering College News:


Updates on events, achievements, and activities happening at Kettering College.

Kettering College Admissions Information:


Details on the application process, admissions criteria, and scholarships for prospective students.

Kettering College Physician Assistant (PA) Program Admission Requirements:


Specifies the necessary qualifications and steps for applying to the PA program.

Kettering College Values and Mission Statement:

The official website provides insight into the core principles guiding the operations of Kettering College. These can typically be accessed under sections labeled "About" or "Values & Mission." For specific statements, refer to the homepage or search the site accordingly.

Region-Specific Kettering College Healthcare Issues:

To find regional healthcare concerns addressed by Kettering College, visit news articles or press releases discussing local initiatives or partnerships between the college and surrounding communities. Look for mentions of collaborative efforts aimed at addressing particular health challenges faced by residents near the campus location.

Kettering College Community Engagement:

Community involvement can often be gleaned from the college's social media accounts, event calendars, volunteer projects listed on the website, or announcements highlighting collaboration with nearby organizations. Additionally, explore pages dedicated to alumni relations, continuing education, or public lectures—these might reveal ways in which Kettering College engages meaningfully with the broader community.

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