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Iowa State University Values and Mission Statement


  • Future Generations: Provide ample food and fuel, good health, and a safe, bountiful planet.
  • Hard Work and Innovation.
  • Excellent Education: Offer practical, global, and leadership experiences shaping well-rounded citizens and informed critical thinkers.
  • Conduct High Impact Research.
  • Improve Quality of Life for All Iowans.

Mission Statement

"Create, share, and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place."

Healthcare Issues Relevant to Interviews at Iowa State University

While specific healthcare topics may vary depending on current events and trends, some general areas you might want to familiarize yourself with include:

  • Public Health Challenges: Addressing public health concerns affecting local communities and broader populations.

  • Rural Health Care Access: Understanding disparities in medical resources between urban and rural areas.

  • Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health: Recognizing factors outside traditional medicine that influence health outcomes, particularly for underserved populations.

  • Environmental Health Concerns: Exploring the intersection of environmental factors and health impacts, especially relevant given Iowa State's commitment to creating "a safe, bountiful planet".

Iowa State University Values and Mission Statement

University Level

  • Values: Future generations having ample food and fuel, good health, and a safe, bountiful planet.
  • Mission: Create, share, and apply knowledge to make Iowa and the world a better place.
  • Strategic Plan (2017-2022) Goals: Provide an exceptional education, conduct high-impact research, improve the quality of life for Iowans, expand STEM majors, and enhance the university climate.

Graduate College

  • Mission: Assist in preparing graduate students and postdoctoral scholars to conduct and disseminate high-quality scholarship and research.

College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

  • Mission: Educate future leaders and citizens with a global perspective, conduct research and scholarship of international significance, and share knowledge to benefit Iowa, the nation, and the world.

Memorial Union

  • Mission: Complete the college experience by developing leadership, community, and career readiness.
  • Vision: Known for transformative experiences, engaging programs, impressive facilities, outstanding services, and collaborative partnerships aligned with the academic mission of campus.

Healthcare Issues to Be Familiar With

For the Iowa State University interview, you may want to prepare yourself to discuss topics relevant to public health, especially concerning rural areas given the state context. These might include:

  • Accessibility to medical care in underserved regions.
  • Prevention and management of chronic diseases common in rural populations.
  • Mental health resources available in non-metropolitan settings.
  • Food security and nutrition initiatives specific to Iowa.
  • Environmental concerns affecting public health, particularly water quality.

Iowa State University Medical School Interview References

Iowa State University Values and Mission Statement

For values and mission statements specific to the Iowa State University's medical school, please refer directly to the institution's official site or relevant department pages, as they typically outline core principles and objectives most clearly. However, here is a general resource regarding career services at Iowa State University:

  • Career Services: Provides insights into interview practices and strategies for current students aiming towards careers in human sciences, which includes healthcare fields. While not specifically focused on medical school interviews, it offers broad advice on effective interview techniques and preparatory steps.

Region-Specific Healthcare Issues

To understand regional healthcare challenges faced by Iowa State University, you might benefit from exploring news articles, policy briefings, or reports published by local government agencies or advocacy groups. These could highlight pressing concerns affecting rural areas, underserved populations, or emerging trends in healthcare delivery unique to the state. For instance:

  • State Government Agencies: Explore publications from departments responsible for healthcare oversight, regulation, or funding allocation within the state. Their reports could shed light on critical topics impacting the broader healthcare landscape in Iowa.

Community Engagement

Community involvement initiatives led by Iowa State University can reveal much about the institution's commitment to serving the needs of surrounding regions. Look for projects involving collaboration between academia and local stakeholders aimed at addressing societal challenges, improving population health outcomes, or enhancing educational opportunities around healthcare. Such engagements demonstrate institutional priorities and serve as points of discussion during interviews. Examples might include:

  • Service Learning Projects: Investigate service-learning courses offered by the university wherein students apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios benefiting nearby communities.
  • Outreach Programs: Examine partnerships established between the university and neighboring towns or counties designed to enhance residents' lives through improved access to preventive care, mental health counseling, etc.

Remember always to rely primarily on authoritative sources when seeking detailed information pertinent to your query.

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Interview Format
Virtual or not?
Historic Interview Date

Interview Format
Virtual or not?
Historic Interview Date

Interview Format
Virtual or not?
Historic Interview Date
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