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High Point University Values and Mission Statement

As per the provided resources, no direct mention of High Point University's values and mission statement could be found. However, one source suggests seeking guidance from High Point University's Careers & Internship page for relevant information. Additionally, prospective interviewees are encouraged to review Dee Ann Turner's interview advice and sample questions for further insights into HPU's expectations during interviews.

Relevant Information for Med School Applicants

For individuals preparing for medical school interviews, particularly at High Point University, understanding key aspects of the institution and its approach to education is crucial. While specific details about the doctorate degree offered at HPU cannot be directly accessed through the shared resources, candidates should consider exploring topics related to health care systems, physician assistant roles, and the evolving landscape of these professions.

Moreover, since High Point University offers a Doctor of Medical Science (DMS), gaining awareness of broader concepts in medical science—such as research initiatives, clinical applications, and emerging technologies—could be beneficial. Familiarizing oneself with the challenges faced by practitioners in various fields can demonstrate a genuine interest in contributing positively to the profession.

Lastly, while the focus remains on the academic rigor and practical training associated with medical degrees, maintaining sensitivity towards patient wellbeing and empathetic approaches to treatment can set apart strong contenders in the selection process.

High Point University Values and Mission Statement

High Point University values academic excellence, personal attention, experiential learning, global awareness, service, integrity, respect, responsibility, collaboration, innovation, creativity, leadership, entrepreneurship, community engagement, diversity, inclusion, sustainability, wellness, spiritual growth, and lifelong learning.

Healthcare Issues to Know for the High Point University Interview

For the High Point University interview, being aware of relevant healthcare topics and issues is important. Here are some areas you should research before your interview:

  • Health Policy: Understand recent changes in health policy at both state and federal levels that affect patient care and accessibility.

  • Public Health Initiatives: Familiarize yourself with local public health initiatives aimed at improving overall community health outcomes.

  • Health Equity and Social Determinants of Health: Learn about efforts to address disparities in healthcare based on factors such as race, gender, socioeconomic status, and geographic location.

  • Technological Advances: Stay updated on emerging technologies shaping modern medicine, including telemedicine, electronic medical records, precision medicine, artificial intelligence, etc.

  • Population Health Management: Grasp concepts related to managing the health needs of large groups of individuals, often through preventive measures and coordinated care plans.

  • Patient Safety and Quality Improvement: Recognize methods used to ensure high standards of safety and quality in healthcare settings.

  • Chronic Disease Prevention and Control: Comprehend approaches to preventing and controlling chronic conditions which account for significant morbidity and mortality globally.

High Point University Medical School Interview Resources

University Information

  • Official Website:

Mission Statement and Values

  • No direct reference provided by the search results. Students may consider exploring the main website or relevant departmental pages for further details.

Healthcare Issues Related to High Point University Region

  • Regional healthcare issues could not be directly found in the search results. Prospective interviewees may research local news articles, regional public health reports, or engage with faculty members specializing in healthcare policy or management for insights.

Community Engagement Initiatives

  • Again, no explicit mention of community engagement initiatives pertaining specifically to healthcare could be found in the search results. This aspect may also warrant exploration via alternative channels mentioned earlier.

Other Useful Links and Guides

  • Career & Professional Development: Provides resources on interviewing techniques and professional development. Visit
  • Specifically, view guides on dressing professionally and preparing for interviews.
  • Big Interview: Offers comprehensive training modules and mock interview practices. Accessible at
  • Executives-in-Residence Advice: Insights from experts like Dee Ann Turner and Cynt Marshall on nailing interviews. Available at

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Interview Format
Virtual or not?
Historic Interview Date

Interview Format
Virtual or not?
Historic Interview Date

Interview Format
Virtual or not?
Historic Interview Date
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