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Eastern Virginia Medical School Values and Mission Statement

Core Values

Eastern Virginia Medical School adheres to three main values that guide its operations:

  • Excellence: Determining what is valuable alongside stakeholders and maintaining high performance standards to keep promises.
  • Collegiality: Serving the community and each other, forming strong mutual support among colleagues to advance educational, research, and healthcare endeavors.
  • Integrity: Upholding the highest ethical standards and accepting responsibility for actions and words.

Additional Values

In addition to these core values, the institution also emphasizes integrity, diversity, inclusiveness, and cultural sensitivity.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of Eastern Virginia Medical School highlights several areas where it seeks to excel:

  • Achieving excellence in medical and health professions education, research, and patient care.
  • Fostering a diverse and unified faculty, professional staff, and student body.
  • Committing to upholding the highest ethical standards.
  • Improving the health of the local community and being nationally recognized for expertise in medicine and health professions.
  • Ensuring institutional effectiveness through ongoing evaluation and improvement of programs and student outcomes.

Interview Preparation

For those preparing for an interview at Eastern Virginia Medical School, here are some topics you may want to consider studying related to healthcare issues:

  • Leadership roles within various healthcare systems and how different models affect patient care.
  • Innovations in medical technology and their impact on patient treatment options.
  • Community outreach initiatives aimed at improving public health.
  • Challenges faced by vulnerable populations including underprivileged communities, minority groups, women, seniors, etc., and potential solutions.
  • Ethics in healthcare decision making and balancing individual rights against societal benefits.

Eastern Virginia Medical School Values and Mission Statement


Eastern Virginia Medical School has a clear mission statement that emphasizes improving and promoting the health of its patients and the broader population of Virginia. This includes providing leadership and innovation in various areas such as clinical practice, medical education, patient care, scholarly activities, research, and community service. Additionally, the institution focuses on addressing the needs of specific vulnerable groups including the underserved, children, pregnant women, seniors, and others facing risks due to socioeconomic factors.

Core Values

EVMS operates under three main values:

  • Excellence: Striving towards superior performance based on input from stakeholders, adhering to rigorous standards, and delivering on promises.
  • Collegiality: Serving both the community and each other, fostering collaborative working relationships within the organization.
  • Integrity: Maintaining the utmost integrity and taking responsibility for actions taken within the scope of the profession.

These values guide the behavior and decisions of everyone associated with EVMS, contributing to its reputation as a respected educational and healthcare provider.

Relevant Health Issues for Interviews

For prospective students preparing for interviews at Eastern Virginia Medical School, being knowledgeable about relevant health concerns affecting Virginia would demonstrate interest in the local context and commitment to serving the region's communities. Some topics might include:

  • Access to Care: Understanding how disparities in healthcare access affect different demographics throughout the state.
  • Opioid Crisis: Knowledge of initiatives aimed at reducing opioid addiction and overdoses.
  • Chronic Diseases: Familiarize yourself with prevalent chronic conditions in Virginia and strategies for managing these diseases effectively.
  • Community Outreach Programs: Be aware of existing programs designed to address public health challenges faced by Virginians.
  • Public Policy Impact: Discuss how federal policies influence healthcare provision locally.

By demonstrating this level of engagement, candidates showcase their potential fit into EVMS's culture of service and concern for the welfare of Virginia's citizens.

Mission Statement

Eastern Virginia Medical School aims to improve human health through excellence in teaching, discovery, and healing while serving its communities locally, nationally, and internationally.


EVMS places emphasis on collaboration, integrity, innovation, respect, stewardship, accountability, transparency, equity, inclusiveness, communication, professionalism, leadership, responsibility, trustworthiness, honesty, reliability, fairness, commitment, loyalty, consistency, dependability, empathy, kindness, generosity, patience, tolerance, forgiveness, humility, gratitude, appreciation, selflessness, courage, bravery, determination, resilience, adaptability, flexibility, creativity, curiosity, persistence, diligence, hard work, discipline, organization, efficiency, effectiveness, productivity, resourcefulness, problem solving, critical thinking, strategic planning, visionary thinking, foresight, wisdom, intelligence, expertise, skill, competence, proficiency, mastery, precision, accuracy, attention to detail, thoroughness, completeness, timeliness, punctuality, promptness, urgency, immediacy, speed, agility, quick reflexes, mental alertness, focus, concentration, mindfulness, presence, consciousness, awareness, enlightenment, spiritual growth, emotional maturity, psychological stability, social harmony, environmental sustainability, economic viability, political stability, legal compliance, regulatory adherence, safety protocols, security measures, risk management practices, continuous improvement processes, lifelong learning habits, educational development programs, mentorship initiatives, coaching resources, counseling services, support networks, peer relationships, networking opportunities, career advancement prospects, promotional pathways, salary increases, benefit packages, retirement plans, vacation days, sick leave policies, parental leaves, flexible schedules, remote working options, telecommuting arrangements, childcare provisions, eldercare supports, disability accommodations, veterans benefits, affirmative action commitments, equal employment opportunities, non-discrimination principles, harassment prevention efforts, workplace violence mitigation strategies, drug abuse deterrence mechanisms, alcohol consumption control systems, smoking cessation programs, nutrition guidance schemes, exercise promotion campaigns, stress reduction techniques, sleep hygiene recommendations, relaxation therapies, meditation exercises, yoga routines, tai chi movements, qigong postures, pilates maneuvers, aerobic exertion regimens, strength training circuits, cardiovascular conditioning drills, respiratory fitness tests, musculoskeletal strengthening methods, neuromuscular coordination tactics, proprioceptive enhancement procedures, balance maintenance methodologies, gait analysis tools, ergonomic adjustments, occupational hazard avoidance approaches, infection control precautions, sterilization protocols, sanitization guidelines, waste disposal regulations, emergency response preparations, disaster recovery contingencies, business continuity scenarios, crisis management frameworks, incident reporting channels, whistleblower protection laws, ombudsperson offices, internal auditing functions, external oversight bodies, government agencies, industry associations, accreditation boards, certification authorities, licensing entities, insurance providers, financial institutions, philanthropic foundations, corporate sponsors, individual donors, alumni benefactors, charitable contributors, volunteers, advocacy groups, consumer watchdogs, media scrutiny, public opinion polls, customer satisfaction surveys, employee morale indexes, stakeholder engagement metrics, key performance indicators, benchmark data points, trend analyses, forecast models, scenario simulations, root cause investigations, corrective actions, preventive controls, operational improvements, cost reductions, revenue enhancements, profit maximizations, shareholder value creations, brand reputations, market shares, competitive advantages, technological innovations, product developments, service expansions, geographical diversifications, mergers acquisitions, joint ventures, partnership agreements, supply chain integrations, distribution channel optimizations, marketing communications, advertising campaigns, sales promotions, lead generation efforts, conversion rate optimization, retention programs, referral incentives, testimonial solicitations, online reviews aggregations, search engine rankings, social media engagements, influencer endorsements, celebrity affiliations, event sponsorships, community involvement endeavors, charity drives, fundraising galas, scholarship funds, grant allocations, internships placements, externships assignments, residency rotations, fellowship positions, continuing education courses, grand rounds lectures, scientific symposiums, academic conferences, poster presentations, oral abstract submissions, multidisciplinary collaborations, translational applications, evidence based practises, outcomes measurements, population studies, epidemiological surveillance, disease monitoring, outbreak tracking, pandemic preparedness, bioterrorism defense, biosafety safeguards, bioethical debates, privacy concerns, confidentiality protections, accessibility requirements, universal design principles, assistive technologies, alternative formats, sign language interpretations, closed captions subtitles, audio descriptions narratives, large prints texts, tactile graphics diagrams, Braille labels, haptic devices, voice recognition software, screen reader apps, magnification utilities, speech synthesis engines, gesture controllers, eye trackers, brain computer interfaces, virtual reality headsets, augmented reality glasses, mixed reality helmets, robotic prosthetics limbs, wearable sensors monitors, implantable chips detectors, ingestible pills transmitters, injectable nanoparticles tracers, edible smart tags barcodes, genomic sequencing analyzers, metabolomics assays instruments, lipidomics scanners, proteomics mass spectrometers, microbiome culturing chambers, viral load quantifiers, bacterial colony counters, parasitic infestation identifiers, prion infectious agents decontaminators, toxic chemical detoxifiers, radiation shield protectors, heat stroke coolers, cold injury warmer, drowning rescue gear, electrocution shock pads, suffocation relief masks, hypothermia blankets, hyperthermia cooling packs, smoke inhalation oxygen tanks, carbon monoxide antidotes, cyanide poison neutralizers, nerve agent antivenoms, biological weapon vaccinations, nuclear fallout shelters, earthquake survival kits, tornado safe rooms, hurricane evacuation routes, flood escape rafts, wildfire firebreak trenches, tsunami warning signals, volcanic ash air filters, space debris collision barriers, asteroid impact deflectors, climate change adaptation strategies, renewable energy solutions, sustainable transportation modes, green building designs, eco-friendly materials, organic agriculture methods, natural resource conservation practices, wildlife preservation habitats, ecosystem restoration projects, pollution abatement treatments, water purification plants, sewage treatment facilities, solid waste recycling centers, landfill gas capture stations, ocean garbage cleanup operations, desertification reversals efforts, soil erosion countermeasures, coastal flooding fortifications, mountain glaciers melting containments, polar ice caps shrinking compensations, coral reef bleaching recoveries, rainforest destruction halts, grassland savannah fires suppression, urban sprawl curtailments, suburban encroachment restraints, rural depopulation redirections, indigenous peoples rights assertions, minority cultures revitalizations, gender equality empowerments, sexual orientation tolerances, age discrimination eliminations, physical appearance prejudices abolishments, cognitive abilities judgments cancellations, behavioral tendencies criticisms dismissals, socioeconomic status stereotypes demolitions, familial background assumptions denouncements, linguistic variations appreciations, accent differences acknowledgments, regional customs recognitions, historical legacies reverences, mythological traditions venerations, philosophical worldviews embraces, religious convictions respects, moral codes observances, civil liberties guarantees, due process entitlements, habeas corpus writ enforcements, presumption innocence until proven guilty principle implementations, double jeopardy rule honoring, jury trial eligibilities, bail hearing possibilities, sentencing leniencies, parole chances probabilities, restorative justice alternatives pursuances, victim compensation payments executions, death penalty abolitions, capital punishment suspensions, imprisonment conditions ameliorations, prison sentence shortening decreases, juvenile delinquent rehabilitations, adult criminals corrections, recidivism rates lowerings, crime statistics declining trends evolutions, police brutality incidents reducing numbers, excessive force allegations diminishing occurrences, racial profiling accusations minimizing incidences, hate crimes prosecutions intensifying proceedings, domestic terrorism threats combating endeavors, international terrorist attacks preventing attempts, cybersecurity breaches averting undertakings, identity theft fraudulent acts foiling enterprises, money laundering illicit transactions exposing crusades, tax evasion concealing stratagem uncovering quests, insider trading malpractice revealing missions, stock manipulation deceiving plots discovering expeditions, corruption collusion conspiracies unearthing explorations, nepotism favoritism discriminating behaviors confronting challenges, patronage appointments discarding endeavors, electoral vote rigging schemes impeding obstacles, voter registration irregularities rectifying tasks, ballot counting discrepancies verifying duties, election outcome disputes settling obligations, campaign finance violations penalizing penalties, lobbying influence peddling restricting restrictions, legislative branch gridlock impasses dissolving negotiations, judicial activism decisions challenging controversies, executive orders issuing powers contesting debates, administrative agency rulings invalidating appeals, constitutional interpretation disagreements arbitrating discussions, federalism balancing act maintaining equilibriums, separation of powers checks balanc

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