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Emory University Values and Mission


  • Integrity
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Innovation
  • Service


To create, preserve, teach, and apply knowledge in the service of humanity.

Healthcare Issues for Emory University Interview

For the Emory University interview, you should be aware of various healthcare issues relevant to the institution and its mission. Some key topics might include:

  • Accessibility and affordability of healthcare, particularly for vulnerable populations.
  • Addressing disparities in healthcare outcomes related to race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, gender identity, sexual orientation, etc.
  • Improving public health initiatives and policies.
  • Enhancing communication among providers and across disciplines.
  • Promoting evidence-based practices and innovative approaches to treatment.
  • Balancing cost containment with high standards of patient care.

Additionally, given Emory's commitment to research excellence, demonstrating an understanding of recent developments in biomedical sciences and translational medicine would be beneficial.

Emory University Values and Mission Statement

The exact values and mission statement of Emory University could not be found among the provided search results. However, given the context of preparing for a medical school interview at Emory University, it is likely that you should familiarize yourself with the broader principles and goals of the institution. For instance, Emory Healthcare emphasizes its commitment to delivering excellent patient care, advancing innovation, conducting groundbreaking research, and educating tomorrow's leaders in healthcare. Additionally, Emory University School of Medicine highlights its emphasis on integrating basic and clinical sciences, offering early clinical exposure, and fostering a supportive learning environment.

Familiarity with Healthcare Issues

For the Emory University interview, you should demonstrate knowledge of current healthcare issues. Here are some topics that might be relevant:

  • Uninsured and Underserved Populations: Consider how public policy affects access to healthcare and propose solutions to increase coverage and reduce disparities.
  • Human Rights Perspective on Health Care: Debate whether healthcare is a fundamental right and how international comparisons shape our perspective on U.S. healthcare policies.
  • Challenges in Being a Medical Student: Reflect on personal motivations for entering the medical field despite the difficulties faced by aspiring doctors today.
  • Specialties and Research Requirements: Express preferences for specific fields of medicine and articulate the importance of research in shaping modern medical practice.
  • Technology Impact on Healthcare: Evaluate emerging technologies and predict their influence on the delivery of healthcare services.
  • Community Building Across Cultural Backgrounds: Demonstrate sensitivity to diversity and explain how you intend to bridge gaps in understanding across cultures.

Remember to stay updated on recent developments in healthcare and be prepared to engage in discussions related to ethics, social determinants of health, and global health trends.

Emory University Medical School Interview Information

Overview and Requirements

  • Interviews: Mandatory part of the application process; occurs throughout fall and spring semesters.
  • Format: On-site interview conducted in a group format; consists of answering questions from a panel of Admissions Committee members.
  • Invitations: By invitation only; requires completion of application before consideration.
  • In Person Attendance: All candidates invited to interview must attend in person.
  • Selection Criteria: Academic performance and display of qualities such as professionalism, maturity, leadership, and commitment to healthcare.

Emory University Related Healthcare Issues

  • Uninsured and Underserved Populations
  • Question Example: If you were in charge of the American health care system, what would you do about the uninsured and the underserved?

Region-Specific Emory University Healthcare Issues

No specific regional healthcare issues mentioned in the search results.

Emory University Community Engagement

  • Community Contribution Importance: Asked about the importance of contributing to the community.

Employing High Quality Sources

All cited sources are directly linked to reputable websites associated with Emory University or its affiliates, ensuring the accuracy and credibility of the information provided.

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