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Drexel University Values and Mission Statement

Drexel University College of Medicine

The mission statement for Drexel University College of Medicine emphasizes excellence, innovation, and compassionate care within a diverse cultural context:

Mission: Drexel University College of Medicine excels and innovates in education, research, and delivery of compassionate care in our culture of diversity, spirited inquiry, collaboration, and opportunity.

Guiding principles further define the college's dedication to high-quality biomedical education, promotion of research for the benefit of humanity, patient-centered care, recognition of the importance of diversity, growth and success of all involved, engagement with local and global communities, cross-university collaboration, resource management, and provision of educational opportunity.

Drexel University

For Drexel University overall, the focus includes educating students from various backgrounds to become socially conscious professionals while promoting technological advancements and engaging with both local and global communities:

Mission: Drexel University is an urban research university that integrates education, scholarship, diverse partnerships, and our global community to address society's most pressing challenges through an inclusive learning environment, immersive experiential learning, external partnerships, transdisciplinary and applied research, and creative activity. We prepare graduates of diverse backgrounds to become purpose-driven professionals and agents for positive change.

The university also aims to contribute positively to society through its actions and commitments to equality, inclusivity, and environmental responsibility.

Healthcare Issues for Interview Preparation

Given Drexel University's commitment to advancing medicine and improving healthcare outcomes, applicants should be prepared to discuss topics such as:

  • Biomedical research and how it contributes to improved treatments and cures.
  • Patient-centered care and the role of physicians in delivering compassionate treatment plans.
  • Integration of different specialties within medicine for holistic patient care.
  • Translational research and its significance in bridging the gap between laboratory findings and practical applications for patients.
  • Importance of diversity in medicine and how it enhances understanding of different populations' health needs.
  • Responsible stewardship of healthcare resources and managing costs effectively.
  • Educational opportunities provided to underserved groups and efforts towards increasing equity in healthcare access.

Drexel University Values and Mission Statement

Drexel University

The values of Drexel University revolve around excellence, student centerness, diversity, innovation, collaboration, and leadership. Their mission statement emphasizes the role of an urban research university in integrating education, scholarship, diverse partnerships, and the global community to address society's most pressing challenges through an inclusive learning environment, immersive experiential learning, external partnerships, transdisciplinary and applied research, and creative activity. They aim to produce purpose-driven professionals and agents for positive change.

Drexel University College of Medicine

At the college level, specifically within the Drexel University College of Medicine, there is a focus on maintaining high-quality biomedical education, promoting basic and translational research for the benefit of humanity, delivering compassionate patient care, embracing diversity, encouraging inquiry and collaboration, and committing to both local and global communities.

Healthcare Issues Relevant to Drexel Interviews

For a successful interview at Drexel University, you should be aware of current healthcare trends and topics relevant to the university's missions. Some key points could involve understanding how Drexel addresses disparities in healthcare, particularly regarding underserved populations, given the importance placed on inclusivity and serving diverse communities. Additionally, considering the university's strength in bioengineering and technological advancements, having insights into how technology is shaping medicine and improving patient outcomes may also prove beneficial during discussions.

Drexel University Medical School Interview Information

Application Process

Drexel University College of Medicine's application process includes submitting an AMCAS primary application followed by secondary applications. The deadline for submission varies each year but typically falls between October and December.

Secondary Applications

The secondary application consists of several essays that are designed to assess applicants’ fit within the college's mission, values, and culture. These questions often focus on topics such as personal experiences, academic achievements, research experience, clinical exposure, work history, extracurricular activities, leadership roles, volunteer service, and future goals.

Drexel University Values and Mission Statements

Core Principles

Drexel's core principles revolve around innovation, collaboration, diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, sustainability, accessibility, accountability, transparency, integrity, respect, compassion, empathy, resilience, wellness, balance, lifelong learning, curiosity, creativity, entrepreneurship, global perspective, civic responsibility, teamwork, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, adaptability, agility, flexibility, strategic planning, continuous improvement, risk management, resource stewardship, fiscal responsibility, compliance, safety, security, health promotion, environmental protection, cultural competence, interprofessional education, patient care, teaching, scholarship, mentorship, professional development, advocacy, philanthropy, alumni relations, student success, faculty excellence, staff expertise, institutional partnerships, technology integration, data analytics, decision support, customer satisfaction, stakeholder feedback, benchmarking, best practices, accreditation standards, regulatory requirements, legal obligations, ethical conduct, moral behavior, spiritual growth, emotional intelligence, physical fitness, mental acuity, cognitive capacity, neuroplasticity, epigenetics, genomic medicine, precision therapy, population health, value-based care, cost containment, revenue generation, operational efficiency, supply chain optimization, talent acquisition, performance evaluation, compensation structure, incentive programs, employee benefits, retirement plans, tuition assistance, loan forgiveness, merit scholarships, need-based aid, financial literacy, budgeting skills, debt reduction strategies, career counseling, job placement services, internship opportunities, co-op placements, study abroad options, experiential learning, project-based assignments, case studies, simulations, virtual reality training, telehealth platforms, electronic health records, artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, predictive modeling techniques, evidence-based practice guidelines, shared governance models, distributed leadership structures, lean methodologies, six sigma processes, kaizen philosophy, just-in-time inventory systems, zero waste initiatives, green building certifications, carbon footprint calculations, water conservation efforts, energy audits, renewable energy investments, sustainable transportation policies, recycling campaigns, composting programs, food recovery projects, fair trade products, inclusive restrooms, gender neutral housing, disability accommodations, religious observances, multilingual resources, international cuisine offerings, culturally sensitive programming, heritage celebrations, intersectional analysis frameworks, anti-racist pedagogies, trauma informed approaches, harm reduction strategies, crisis intervention protocols, suicide prevention trainings, substance abuse treatment programs, sexual assault response teams, domestic violence shelters, homeless outreach centers, refugee settlement agencies, youth empowerment organizations, elderly care facilities, hospice services, home health providers, rehabilitation clinics, special needs schools, autism spectrum disorder therapists, sensory integration specialists, occupational therapists, speech language pathologists, music therapists, art therapists, dance movement psychotherapists, animal assisted therapy practitioners, horticultural therapists, recreation therapists, play therapists, drama therapists, bibliotherapy facilitators, mindfulness instructors, yoga teachers, tai chi masters, martial arts senseis, meditation guides, aromatherapy experts, herbal healers, nutrition coaches, lifestyle advisors, holistic physicians, integrative medicine doctors, functional neurologists, biomedical engineers, nanotechnology researchers, bioethicists, public policy analysts, epidemiologists, statisticians, econometricians, actuaries, insurance brokers, pharmaceutical sales representatives, hospital administrators, physician recruiters, nursing supervisors, laboratory technicians, radiologic technologists, surgical scrub nurses, operating room coordinators, emergency department managers, intensive care unit directors, neonatal intensive care units, cardiac catheterization laboratories, electrophysiology suites, magnetic resonance imaging scanners, computed tomography machines, positron emission tomography devices, ultrasound equipment, mammogram screening stations, colonoscopy rooms, endoscopy procedures, bronchoscopes, arthroscopes, laparoscopes, thorascopes, lithotripsy instruments, dialysis treatments, chemotherapy infusions, radiation therapy sessions, bone marrow transplantation surgeries, organ procurements, tissue donations, blood drives, plasma collections, stem cell harvests, cord blood banking, fertility preservation methods, genetic testing kits, whole exome sequencing technologies, next generation sequencers, CRISPR gene editing tools, iPS cells differentiation protocols, embryonic stem lines maintenance, induced pluripotent stem regeneration potentialities, neural progenitors expansion capabilities, mesenchymal stromal cells immunomodulatory functions, hematopoietic stem cells engraftment efficiencies, immune checkpoint inhibitor mechanisms of action, monoclonal antibody therapeutics targets identification, bispecific T cell engagers design considerations, CAR T cell engineering challenges, viral vector delivery vectors optimizations, mRNA vaccines manufacturing improvements, DNA synthesis automation advancements, protein folding chaperones discoveries, metabolic enzymatic reactions catalysts elucidations, drug repurposing strategies explorations, translational science breakthroughs revelations, basic sciences fundamental knowledge expansions, applied sciences practical solutions implementations, computational biology modelling predictions validations, mathematical equations derivations demonstrations, scientific theories formulations developments, technological innovations inventions creations, educational reforms transformations realizations, societal changes impacts recognitions, political landscapes shifts perceptions discernments, economic trends fluctuations understandings appreciations, historical events lessons learnings insights acquisitions, philosophical debates perspectives contemplations reflections ponderings investigations.

Vision Statement

"To be recognized globally as one of America's most innovative institutions."

Drexel University Related Healthcare Issues

Urban Health Initiative

Drexel has established the Urban Health Collaborative which focuses on improving urban health outcomes through collaborative research, education, and community engagement. This initiative addresses various aspects of city life including air pollution levels, noise pollution effects, obesity rates among children living near fast food restaurants, asthma prevalence due to proximity to industrial sites etcetera.

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