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Dominican University New York of Blauvelt's Values and Mission Statement

The values and mission statement of Dominican University New York of Blauvelt emphasize education based on a "Catholic Dominican" identity, focusing on developing individuals who will contribute positively to society. Key aspects of this approach include:


  • Steeped in Dominican Ethos: The institution cultivates an atmosphere where students engage in critical thinking and seek truth while also serving humanity.
  • Care and Compassion: A core value is caritas et veritas—care and truthfulness—which promotes a spirit of collaboration towards building a fairer world.
  • Intellectual Tradition: Study is seen as both reflective and collective, encouraging dialogue among different perspectives and belief systems.
  • Social Justice: There is a strong emphasis on promoting equality and addressing societal challenges.
  • Personal Development: Students receive guidance and support to discover their individual strengths and passions.


  • Educating One Student at a Time: The university prioritizes providing tailored education to ensure holistic growth.
  • Preparing for Professional Vocation: Graduates leave equipped with practical abilities and moral principles to impact their communities.
  • Encouraging Active Engagement: Opportunities for hands-on experiences like internships, international exchanges, community involvement, and research projects enhance classroom learning.
  • Fostering Inclusivity: By embracing cultural differences, the campus creates a welcoming environment for all.

Healthcare Issues Relevant to Interview Discussions

Given Dominican University's focus on creating socially conscious leaders, applicants may want to demonstrate awareness of current health disparities and potential solutions. Some key areas might include:

  • Access to Quality Healthcare: Addressing barriers faced by underserved populations due to factors like income level, race, ethnicity, location, etc.
  • Mental Health Support: Recognizing mental illness as a significant public health issue and advocating for increased resources and destigmatization efforts.
  • Public Policy Advocacy: Promoting legislative changes aimed at improving population health outcomes.
  • Environmental Impact on Health: Raising consciousness around environmental determinants of health and supporting initiatives for clean air, water, and sustainable food production.
  • Community Outreach Programs: Initiatives designed to improve local health indicators and reduce disease burden.

Dominican University New York of Blauvelt Values and Mission Statement


  • Educational Excellence
  • Service
  • Compassionate Involvement
  • Reflective Understanding
  • Concern for Community
  • Truth
  • Justice
  • Care for Individuals

Mission Statement

To foster the active, shared pursuit of truth and engage in an educational approach rooted in values of reflective understanding and compassionate involvement while promoting educational excellence, leadership, and service in an environment characterized by respect for individuals and concern for communities.

Relevant Healthcare Issues

For the Dominican University New York of Blauvelt interview, you may want to be prepared to discuss topics related to health disparities, access to healthcare services, social determinants of health, patient advocacy, and multicultural competency in healthcare settings. Additionally, given the emphasis on community engagement and social justice, having awareness of current initiatives addressing these themes would be beneficial.

Dominican University New York of Blauvelt Medical School Interview Resources

Interview Preparation

  • Official Career Development Interview Guide PDF: This document provides tips on appropriate attire and etiquette for different types of interviews, including informational interviews.

Dominican University New York of Blauvelt Values and Mission Statement

Unfortunately, no direct reference was found regarding the values or mission statement of Dominican University New York of Blauvelt within the search results provided. Please check the official website or contact the institution directly for further details.

Dominican University New York of Blauvelt Related Healthcare Issues

No specific health care issues relevant to Dominican University New York of Blauvelt were identified in the search results. However, considering its location near New York City, potential topics might involve urban health challenges, access to healthcare services, public health initiatives, etc. These areas often intersect with social determinants of health and policy discussions. Students interested in regional health concerns should explore local news outlets, government reports, and research publications focused on the area surrounding Orangeburg, NY.

Region-Specific Dominican University New York of Blauvelt Healthcare Issues

Again, due to limited information in the search results, we cannot pinpoint exact healthcare issues unique to the region where Dominican University New York of Blauvelt operates. Regional health disparities, rural versus urban health dynamics, and population demographics can influence the focus of healthcare conversations in the area. Therefore, prospective applicants should investigate local resources to understand better the contextual factors influencing healthcare delivery in Rockland County, NY.

Dominican University New York of Blauvelt Community Engagement

While concrete data on community engagement efforts by Dominican University New York of Blauvelt was unavailable in the search results, universities typically engage in activities aimed at improving the lives of residents nearby. Examples could range from volunteering programs, partnerships with local clinics or hospitals, participation in public health campaigns, or advocacy for policies addressing pressing needs. Prospective students seeking insights into the role of Dominican University New York of Blauvelt in serving the broader community should look for press releases, news articles, or institutional statements highlighting such engagements.

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