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University of Calgary Values and Mission Statement

Cumming School of Medicine

Unfortunately, there was no specific mention of values or mission statements related directly to the medical school within the search results provided. However, you may want to refer to general university documents about values and missions since these often inform the culture and approach taken throughout different faculties. The following sections detail some broader values and mission statements from the University of Calgary.

General University Values

Active Living:

  • Respect: Demonstrating a high regard for the community and one another, creating trust, and building relationships.
  • Inclusion: Treating the community with equity and dignity to provide a safe and welcoming space for all.
  • Integrity: Displaying compassion, honesty, and empathy; acting with a moral compass.
  • Leadership: Guiding, facilitating, and empowering others; bringing out the best in one another.
  • Fun: Enjoying oneself and spreading happiness; being inviting, creative, and positive.

Facilities Team Services:

  • Inclusive: Recognizing the value each person brings and ensuring they feel welcome and respected.
  • Mindful: Making decisions and taking actions carefully after consideration of internal and external factors and objectives.
  • People-Focused: Developing and promoting training, resources, and support to engage and empower employees to carry out their duties effectively and with excellence.
  • Accountable: Being accountable for actions, whether good or bad, and comprehending how they affect others.
  • Collaborative: Working together and taking the necessary steps to grasp each other's roles, supporting the achievement of optimal outcomes for Facilities and the university.
  • Transparent: Encouraging clear, truthful, and prompt communication so that everyone knows what led to particular choices.

Other Relevant Missions and Strategies

While not explicitly stated under "Cumming School of Medicine," it could still be useful to know more broadly about the university's strategies and visions when preparing for an interview. These elements shape the overall ethos of the university, including the medical faculty. Here are some relevant points:

Continuing Education:

  • Mission: Providing high-quality educational opportunities for lifetime learners locally and internationally, thus empowering individuals and changing societies for a better tomorrow.
  • Vision: Positioning the University of Calgary as a leading force in ongoing and lifelong learning.
  • Mandate: Expanding accessibility to continuous learning, offering diverse workshops, classes, and programs for individual and organizational advancement, scholarly improvement, and private enhancement.
  • Principles: Innovative, collaborative, mindful, balanced, and considerate towards differences among participants.
  • Pillars: Institutional alignment, receptive programming, excellent learner encounters, financial feasibility, and inclusion.

Office of the Vice-Provost (Student Experience) and Constituent Offices of Student & Enrollment Services:

  • Mission: Supplying complete backing for pupils from their initial interaction with the University of Calgary until they finish their degree. This involves furnishing systems and assistance to attract students, guide them during the admittance procedure, endorse student progress, improve the college knowledge, and generate a prosperous setting for scholar accomplishment.

General Strategy:

  • "Eyes High": A strategic plan aiming to make the University of Calgary one of Canada's foremost five exploration colleges, based upon imaginative instruction and mentorship, interwoven with the city of Calgary.
  • Commitments: Teaching and tutoring, investigation and scholarship, local area commitment.
  • Goals: Improving instructive assets, advancing examination and showing combined over numerous disciplines centered on worldwide concerns, fortifying nearby association involvement.

Region-Specific University of Calgary Health Issues

As part of its mission to contribute to better health and better healthcare, the University of Calgary engages in various activities related to regional healthcare concerns. Some notable aspects include:

Restructuring of Alberta Health Services

The O'Brien Institute for Public Health closely monitors the restructuring of Alberta Health Services, advocating for evidence-based decisions and continuous evaluation of the process to avoid negative impacts on healthcare accessibility and service quality.

Community Engagement Initiatives

The institute works alongside local authorities and stakeholders to identify and address pressing regional healthcare matters. Examples include tackling the stigma associated with diabetes among vulnerable populations, promoting well-being through natural community interactions, and engaging in discussions regarding the future of Alberta Health Services.

Interprofessional Collaboration

Recognizing the complexity of healthcare challenges, the university encourages multi-faceted cooperation among researchers, policymakers, practitioners, and community representatives to devise holistic solutions that cater to diverse societal needs.


University of Calgary's involvement in regional healthcare focuses on creating dynamic knowledge networks that integrate academic insights with practical applications, thereby contributing to improvements in healthcare delivery and public health outcomes.

University of Calgary Medical School Interview Information


For official guidance on the University of Calgary medical school interview, refer to the resources below:

Interview Process Overview

At the University of Calgary, the medical school uses the Multiple Mini Interview (MMI) methodology. The key points regarding the interview process are summarized below:

  • Format: Two separate circuits consisting of various types of stations, including individual tasks, panel discussions, and a group exercise.
  • Duration: Approximately 70 minutes for the shorter format circuit and around 2 hours for the longer format circuit.
  • Assessment Criteria: Non-cognitive attributes such as altruism, compassion, empathy, integrity, effective communication skills, among others.
  • Preparation Advice: Review the University of Calgary website for detailed instructions and familiarize yourself with common ethical scenarios. Practice discussing hypothetical situations and consider how you would handle them.

University of Calgary Values and Mission Statement

The mission statement of the University of Calgary highlights its commitment to excellence, innovative teaching and research, and creating positive change locally and globally. However, specific values statements pertaining solely to the Faculty of Medicine could not be found within the search results provided. For a broader understanding of the institution's core principles, please visit the main page of the University of Calgary website: University of Calgary Homepage.

Region-Specific Healthcare Issues

To understand regional healthcare challenges faced by the province of Alberta and potentially addressed by the University of Calgary, explore the news section of the Government of Alberta's Ministry of Health website: Alberta Health Newsroom. Additionally, local newspapers and media outlets covering provincial politics and policy changes affecting healthcare delivery can provide insights into ongoing debates and concerns.

Community Engagement

While direct information on the University of Calgary's community engagement initiatives focused specifically on healthcare cannot be located within the search results provided, exploring the campus life sections of the University of Calgary website may reveal opportunities for student involvement in community service projects or partnerships with local organizations: Campus Life.

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