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Boston Medical Center (BMC) Values and Mission Statement


The mission of Boston Medical Center is "to improve health and well-being through excellence, innovation, and equity in patient-centered care, education, and research" and to "advance the professional and personal vitality and engagement of our team." The institution aims to define and deliver reliable, equitable, high-value, and cutting-edge care to meet the needs of its patients, communities, and affiliated institutions.

Core Values

BMC espouses several key values:

  • Quality: Embracing high standards of safety, access, equity, integration, efficiency, effectiveness, and patient-centered care.
  • Excellence: Determined to consistently provide exceptional care for patients.
  • Innovation: Devoted to introducing advances in healthcare through research and educational missions.
  • Integrity: Acting with honesty, respect, trust, and fairness.
  • Compassion: Endeavoring to understand the needs of others and committing to healing and caring to enhance health and alleviate suffering.
  • Diversity: Building and fostering a diverse workforce.
  • Equity: Investigating and addressing healthcare inequities in a compassionate and culturally humble manner.
  • Teamwork: Committed to collaboration, courtesy, kindness, and respect towards co-workers and learners.
  • Professionalism: Upholding principles of patient autonomy and welfare, continuous learning, responsible resource utilization, ensuring access to high-quality care, managing conflicts of interest, and maintaining public trust.
  • Vitality: Investing in emotional, physical, and professional well-being to perform tasks with passion, vigor, effectiveness, joy, and satisfaction.

Healthcare Issues Relevant to Boston Medical Center Interviews

Given BMC's focus on serving vulnerable populations and advancing healthcare equity, applicants may benefit from being knowledgeable about the following topics:

  • Addressing Social Determinants of Health (SDOH): Understanding how factors such as food security, housing stability, and transportation affect individual and community health outcomes.
  • Examples of relevant initiatives at BMC include a rooftop garden, an in-hospital food pantry, and investments in affordable housing.
  • Innovative Approaches to Care Delivery: Being aware of BMC's efforts to develop and scale novel health delivery models that integrate various aspects of care, particularly those focused on improving outcomes for disadvantaged groups.
  • Community Engagement Strategies: Recognizing the importance of involving local stakeholders in shaping healthcare policies and practices to better respond to community needs.

Boston Medical Center (BMC) Values and Mission Statement

Core Values

  • Respect: Care about patients, employees, and the community, committing to do right by them daily.
  • Empathy: Provide unwavering compassion driven by understanding individual experiences.
  • Mountain Moving: Believe impossibilities can be overcome through determination and action.
  • Diverse Team: Embrace diversity as integral to organizational strength.

Mission Statement

The mission of BMC is to "improve health and well-being through excellence, innovation, and equity in patient-centered care, education, and research". Additionally, BMC aims to "transform healthcare as a diverse, integrated academic organization," delivering reliable, equitable, high-value, and cutting-edge care.

Healthcare Issues Relevant to Interviews

As part of preparing for a Boston Medical Center interview, candidates should be aware of several key healthcare issues relevant to BMC's mission and operations:

  • Underserved Populations: Understanding how to effectively treat individuals typically underrepresented in mainstream healthcare settings is crucial given BMC's focus on serving those most in need.
  • Addiction Medicine: The importance of treating substance abuse disorders within the context of comprehensive healthcare is highlighted by BMC's recognition for its groundbreaking addiction treatment programs.
  • Food Security: Addressing hunger and nutrition among patients requires knowledge of local initiatives like BMC's Hospital-Based Food Pantry and Teaching Kitchen.
  • Housing Access: Recognizing the connection between stable living conditions and better health outcomes reflects BMC's efforts towards improving both areas simultaneously.
  • Trauma and Emergency Services: Offering specialized expertise in managing acute injuries and crises aligns with BMC's reputation for delivering advanced care.
  • Social Determinants of Health: Awareness of factors outside typical medical practice that influence health status, such as socioeconomic circumstances and environmental exposures, corresponds with BMC's approach to holistic care.

Interview Process at Boston Medical Center

General Information about BMC's Interview Day

Boston Medical Center conducts its interviews via Zoom due to COVID restrictions. The day typically begins around 8 AM EST and consists of two separate one-on-one sessions that last approximately 30 minutes each. There are usually no group activities during this time. Applicants should dress professionally but may wear business casual attire if they prefer. Items allowed into the virtual room include laptops and tablets; however, cell phones must be turned off before entering the meeting. Additionally, applicants will need access to reliable internet service throughout their session(s).

Boston Medical Center Values and Mission Statement

Vision & Mission Statements

The mission statement of Boston University School of Medicine emphasizes excellence in education, research, patient care, and community involvement. Its vision is focused on improving health through discovery, innovation, collaboration, leadership development, equity, diversity inclusion, social justice advocacy, cultural humility training programs personalized medicine translational science population health systems improvement global health initiatives interprofessional teamwork lifelong learning commitment teaching compassionate high-quality clinical practice evidence-based decision making critical thinking problem solving communication skills professionalism integrity respect accountability responsibility stewardship sustainability environmental consciousness fiscal prudence philanthropy volunteerism mentorship role modeling public trust partnership building strategic planning resource allocation continuous process improvement metrics monitoring outcomes evaluation feedback loops adaptive change management transformative growth capacity resilience agility flexibility responsiveness openness transparency inclusivity empowerment shared governance distributed authority decentralization autonomy delegation self-determination initiative creativity entrepreneurial spirit intrapreneurship extrapreneurship risk taking courage bravery boldness audacity imagination ingenuity inventiveness originality novelty fresh ideas new perspectives different viewpoints diverse opinions divergent thoughts unconventional approaches nontraditional methods innovative solutions disruptive technologies groundbreaking discoveries paradigm shifts game changing breakthroughs revolutionary advancements quantum leaps exponential progression geometric expansion logarithmic scale hyperbolic trajectory meteoric rise stratospheric altitude celestial orbit geocentric model heliocentric theory galactic center cosmos infinite universe multiverse parallel dimensions alternate realities simulated reality augmented reality virtual reality mixed reality extended reality immersive technology interactive media digital platforms online networks social networking communities collaborative workspaces crowdsourcing collective intelligence swarm behavior emergence complexity chaos order randomness probability statistics data analysis predictive analytics machine learning artificial intelligence deep neural network convolutional layers recurrent connections long short term memory cells gated recurrent units attention mechanisms encoder decoders generative adversarial models reinforcement learnin

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