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Beaumont Health Values and Mission Statement


  • Compassion: Providing empathetic care to individuals and their families.
  • Collaboration: Working together towards shared goals within teams and among various stakeholders.
  • Clarity: Communicating effectively and ensuring transparency in decision-making processes.
  • Curiosity: Encouraging continuous learning and exploration of innovative approaches to healthcare delivery.
  • Courage: Demonstrating resilience and determination in facing challenges and driving positive change.


The mission of Beaumont Health is "To improve health, instill humanity and inspire hope."


"A future where health is simple, affordable, equitable and exceptional."

Key Health Issues to Know About for Interviews

As a candidate preparing for a Beaumont Health interview, it would be beneficial to demonstrate knowledge of current trends and initiatives related to healthcare delivery and improving accessibility and affordability. Some areas to consider discussing during the interview could include:

  • Patient Safety Initiatives: Discuss recent efforts to enhance safety measures in surgery through collaborations with organizations like NorthStar Anesthesia.

  • Quality Measurements: Highlight understanding of metrics used to assess the quality of care provided, particularly those relating to patient satisfaction and adverse event reporting systems.

  • Affordable Care Act (ACA): Show awareness of changes brought forth by the ACA and any impacts these might have had on Beaumont's operations and strategies moving forward.

  • Population Health Management: Understand concepts around managing chronic diseases and promoting healthy lifestyles within specific populations served by Beaumont facilities.

  • Telehealth Expansion: Recognize the growing importance of telemedicine in delivering remote care and expanding access to specialist services.

Region-Specific Health Care Issues

Corewell Health, formerly known as Beaumont Health, conducts regular Community Health Needs Assessments (CHNAs) to identify the most pressing health concerns facing the communities it serves. Based on the latest CHNA performed beginning in January 2022, the top three health needs prioritized across Macomb, Oakland, and Wayne counties—where approximately 80% of Corewell Health's patient base resides—are:

  1. Access to Care: Ensuring individuals have timely access to appropriate health services, particularly preventive care and screenings.
  2. Behavioral Health: Addressing mental health and substance abuse disorders, promoting emotional wellness, and reducing stigma surrounding seeking help.
  3. Health Education: Providing educational materials and guidance to encourage healthier behaviors and better management of chronic diseases.

Community Engagement Initiatives

Corewell Health engages in various community activities aimed at improving health outcomes and addressing health disparities. Notably, the institution recognizes the significance of community engagement in tackling health inequities, particularly regarding black maternal health. Key aspects of community engagement highlighted by Corewell Health include:

  • Collaborative Efforts: Working closely with community partners and leveraging expertise from a wide range of sectors to create comprehensive approaches to complex problems.
  • Understanding Local Context: Recognizing the cultural nuances and historical backgrounds of the populations served, ensuring that interventions align with actual community needs.
  • Empowering Individuals: Encouraging active participation and leadership from community members themselves, thereby increasing ownership over health improvement efforts.
  • Continuous Feedback Loops: Regularly gathering insights from community members to refine and adapt interventions accordingly.

These practices reflect the conceptualizations of "authentic" and "mutually beneficial" community engagement outlined in publications like the 'Adapting and Aligning Public Health Strategic Skills' report.

Street Medicine Oakland

An exemplary project illustrating Corewell Health's dedication to community engagement is the Street Medicine Oakland initiative. Launched in 2019, this joint venture between the Royal Oak Emergency Department and the OUWB School of Medicine brings medical care directly to underserved and homeless populations in Oakland County. It operates biweekly clinics at the Hope Shelter in Pontiac and conducts street rounds to offer immediate care to unhoused individuals.

Healthy Communities

Another notable endeavor is the Healthy Communities program, designed to combat chronic disease trends by focusing on prevention and creating supportive environments for healthy habits. Each participating municipality forms a coalition consisting of residents, businesses, healthcare institutions, social services agencies, and others to implement locally relevant strategies.

Beaumont Health Medical School Interview

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