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Ascension Providence Hospital Values and Mission Statement

The mission statement of Ascension Providence Hospital reflects its commitment to serve others, guided by Christian principles and rooted in the teachings of Jesus Christ. The hospital aims to demonstrate "God's healing love" by caring for everyone, especially the poor and vulnerable. Its core values emphasize compassion, dignity, justice, excellence, integrity, and creativity.

Healthcare Issues to Be Aware Of

When preparing for an interview at Ascension Providence Hospital, consider these key areas related to healthcare challenges and initiatives:

Service of the Poor

Given the emphasis on serving the underserved, applicants may want to discuss how they would approach medical care for low-income populations and what strategies could enhance accessibility and affordability of high-quality care.


This principle highlights the importance of respecting diverse perspectives and experiences within medicine. Applicants might reflect on instances where they demonstrated cultural sensitivity and empathy towards patients from different backgrounds.


Interviewees could share stories illustrating honesty and transparency in professional relationships and decisions made during training or previous roles.


Discussions around wisdom often touch on balancing cost effectiveness with maintaining excellent outcomes. It also includes making wise choices regarding resource allocation and environmental sustainability.


Applicants may wish to highlight innovative approaches taken to solve complex problems encountered during their studies or prior experience.


Showcasing enthusiasm for lifelong learning and dedication to improving the lives of patients aligns with this aspect of Ascension's vision.

Region-Specific Health Issues

The search results provided did not specify any regional-specific health issues directly associated with Ascension Providence Hospital. However, they mention general initiatives aimed at improving health and reducing disparities among various groups. For instance, there is a focus on addressing food insecurity, housing, transportation, safety issues, and employment needs to strive for universal healthcare access and coverage. Additionally, the Your Move Chess Program aims to provide hope to students through after-school chess clubs, indicating an emphasis on mental health and youth development. While these examples may not pertain specifically to Ascension Providence Hospital, they suggest broader concerns that could influence the types of health problems encountered in the regions served by Ascension facilities.

Community Engagement

Ascension Providence engages in several community improvement projects. These include:

  • Bridges to HOPE in Detroit, a joint initiative involving multiple entities to empower individuals towards self-sufficiency and improved health outcomes.
  • A partnership with Feeding America in Mobile, Alabama, focusing on combatting food insecurity and promoting better health through community gardening, outreach, and educational opportunities.
  • Development of affordable housing and community spaces in Baltimore.
  • Offering free medical missions at home in central Texas, providing comprehensive medical, dental, and vision care to underserved areas.
  • Navigators in emergency departments connecting patients to primary care providers and specialists.
  • Promoting environmental sustainability and supporting policy changes aligned with compassionate, personalized care.

These endeavors demonstrate Ascension Providence's dedication to whole person care and advancing justice in health systems.

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