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Auburn University Values and Mission Statement

Core Values

The Auburn University community shares common characteristics known as the Auburn Creed, reflecting shared beliefs and behaviors rooted in integrity, civility, inclusiveness, and accountability. These principles guide interactions within the university and extend to relationships outside the institution.

Mission Statement

As a land-grant university, Auburn University aims to enhance the lives of individuals throughout Alabama, the United States, and globally via progressive education, groundbreaking research, and altruistic service. Its guiding principle is to foster intellectual growth, personal enrichment, and leadership abilities in students, enabling them to contribute positively to society.

Healthcare Issues Relevant to Interviews

For medical school applicants preparing for an interview at Auburn University, understanding the local health landscape is crucial. Key healthcare concerns specific to Alabama and surrounding regions might arise during discussions, including but not limited to:

  • Accessibility: Addressing disparities in rural healthcare provision due to geographical barriers and population distribution patterns.

  • Opioid Crisis Management: Devising strategies to combat opioid addiction and abuse prevalent across various demographics.

  • Public Health Initiatives: Implementing preventative measures against chronic diseases and promoting healthy lifestyles.

  • Telehealth Expansion: Utilizing digital platforms to bridge gaps in patient care and specialist availability, particularly in remote locations.

  • Health Equity: Enhancing equity in healthcare outcomes regardless of socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or any other factors contributing to health disparities.

Region-Specific Healthcare Issues in Alabama:

  • Significant health disparities exist in rural Alabama, particularly related to workforce shortages and access to quality, equitable, and affordable healthcare.
  • High rates of chronic diseases, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, stroke, cancer, respiratory illnesses, and infant mortality contribute to lower life expectancies compared to urban regions.
  • There are notable differences in maternal health outcomes, with African American women experiencing pregnancy-related deaths at much higher rates than white women.
  • Limited access to healthcare for specific demographics, such as low-income individuals, minorities, and immigrants, contributes to poorer health outcomes.
  • Telehealth initiatives are crucial in providing remote healthcare options to residents in rural counties.

Community Engagement Activities by Auburn University:

  • Rural Healthcare Engagement Program: An effort to enhance the quality of life in Alabama and beyond by engaging Auburn University students in various healthcare disciplines with the Rural Healthcare Project (RHP).
  • Offering real-world, hands-on professional experiences and fostering connections with community leaders, healthcare professionals, and advocates.
  • Addressing Vulnerable Populations: Faculty in the College of Nursing collaborate with community organizations to tackle health concerns affecting marginalized groups, focusing on reducing maternal mortality rates and improving access to healthcare for disadvantaged populations.
  • Telehealth Services Expansion: Development of telehealth stations and mobile wellness clinics in underserved communities, ensuring greater access to specialized care.
  • Collaboration with Local Institutions: Working with institutions like East Alabama Health to establish programs targeting improved prenatal care and prevention strategies for vulnerable populations.
  • Partnership with Nonprofits: Collaboration with entities like Doctors Without Borders to conduct service learning trips focused on delivering healthcare to underserved communities internationally.

Auburn University Medical School Interview Information

Auburn University Values and Mission Statement

For detailed information on Auburn University values and mission statement, please refer to official university websites or publications. However, some general principles guiding Auburn University can be found in its strategic plan, titled "Auburn University Strategic Plan 2019–2024". Key themes within this document align with institutional priorities, including excellence in scholarship, innovation, collaboration across disciplines, and commitment to serving society.

Auburn University Healthcare Issues

To understand regional health concerns relevant to Auburn University, explore local public health reports, news articles discussing area health trends, and discussions among faculty members involved in healthcare research. Additionally, review national databases and surveys that report statewide health statistics, such as the County Health Rankings & Roadmaps, published annually by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute.

Region-Specific Auburn University Healthcare Issues

Localized insights into healthcare needs around Auburn specifically can be gleaned from county-level health profiles produced by organizations like the Alabama Department of Public Health or Southeast Rural Mental Health Inc., both of which operate programs aimed at improving rural mental health care access in East Central Alabama.

Auburn University Community Engagement

Engagement opportunities with communities surrounding Auburn University can involve volunteering with established campus groups dedicated to social impact projects or partnering with nearby hospitals or clinics for clinical rotations or community outreach events. Consult with advisors in pre-health departments for current partnerships and volunteer options.

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