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Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital Values and Mission Statement

The Ascension organization has a clear set of Mission, Vision, and Values that shape its approach to healthcare. These principles inform the way Ascension provides care and services, particularly focusing on underserved populations. Here are the key elements:


  • Rooted in the loving ministry of Jesus as healer, Ascension commits to serving all people with particular concern for the poor and vulnerable.
  • Its Catholic health ministry emphasizes spiritually centered, holistic care aimed at improving the overall health of individuals and communities.
  • Advocacy for a compassionate and fair society through action and speech is central to Ascension's commitment.


  • To establish a robust, dynamic Catholic health ministry in the US that drives healthcare transformation.
  • This vision includes ensuring comprehensive health and well-being support for communities while addressing the diverse needs of individuals over their lifetimes.
  • Expansion of lay involvement in management and governance roles ensures a sustainable Catholic health ministry moving forward.


  • Service of the Poor: Showing generosity towards those most in need.
  • Reverence: Demonstrating respect and compassion for the value and diversity of life.
  • Integrity: Building trust through responsible leadership.
  • Wisdom: Combining expertise and resourcefulness.
  • Creativity: Encouraging courageous innovation.
  • Dedication: Reinforcing the optimism and delight of the ministry.

Healthcare Issues to Know for Interviews

Given the context provided above, some important healthcare issues to be aware of regarding Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital might include:

  • Ethical Considerations: As a Catholic institution, Ascension adheres to specific guidelines related to medical ethics, which may influence decisions concerning end-of-life care, reproductive rights, and treatment options for certain groups within the population.

  • Accessibility and Social Justice: Given Ascension's focus on caring for the poor and marginalized, applicants should understand current challenges surrounding access to affordable healthcare and efforts being made to mitigate health inequities.

  • Expansion of Lay Governance: With plans to increase the participation of laypeople in leadership and oversight roles, candidates should consider potential changes in operations and strategic direction due to increased secular input.

  • Partnerships and Mergers: Recent news suggests that Ascension is involved in discussions around joint ventures and collaborations with other large healthcare providers, potentially affecting employment conditions and shifts in institutional culture.

Region-Specific Healthcare Issues

Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital engages in several community health initiatives focused on specific health concerns prevalent in the surrounding regions. According to the 2021 Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), these priority areas include:

  • Mental Health: Addressing challenges related to stress, anxiety, and depression, especially among underserved populations.
  • Healthy Behaviors and Chronic Disease Management: Promoting healthy lifestyles and managing chronic conditions effectively.
  • Access to Care, specifically emphasizing maternal and infant health: Working towards improving access to quality care for expectant mothers and infants.

Community Engagement

Ascension Macomb-Oakland Hospital actively participates in community engagement through various programs and collaborations aimed at enhancing population health outcomes:

  • Person and Family Engagement Strategies: Collaborating with patients, families, and healthcare staff to create patient-centered systems.
  • Community Investment Plan: Developing and implementing strategic approaches to further involve the hospital in community health activities.
  • Charitable Contributions: Offering charity care and contributing significantly to community benefit programs.
  • Community Health Improvement Initiatives: Identifying and addressing critical community health needs.
  • Outreach Screenings: Facilitating screening events to enhance healthcare access for underserved groups.

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