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Cleveland Clinic Akron General Values and Mission Statement


  • Compassionate care
  • Highest quality healthcare
  • Education and research
  • Integrity and innovations
  • Business ethics


To provide better care of the sick, investigate their problems, and further educate those who serve.

Healthcare Issues Familiarization

As part of your preparation for the Cleveland Clinic Akron General interview, here are some key areas to understand:

  • Patient Satisfaction: Understand the importance placed on ensuring positive experiences for patients throughout their interactions with the hospital system. Be prepared to discuss strategies employed to enhance this aspect of care delivery.
  • Clinical Outcomes: Stay informed about the latest developments in improving clinical outcomes across various specialties within the institution. Demonstrate awareness of recent initiatives aimed at advancing patient care and treatment protocols.
  • Research Initiatives: Showcase your understanding of current research being conducted at Cleveland Clinic Akron General, particularly any groundbreaking studies or collaborative ventures involving multiple disciplines.
  • Education Programs: Learn about educational activities offered by the facility, both internally for staff development and externally for public health promotion. Discuss how these align with the broader mission of investigating illness and teaching best practices.
  • Diversity and Inclusion: Highlight your comprehension of policies supporting inclusivity within the organization, catering to diverse populations and fostering cultural sensitivity among providers.
  • Community Engagement: Acquaint yourself with local community health assessments undertaken by Akron General, recognizing that addressing specific population health concerns reflects commitment to serving presently while preparing for future generations.

Region-Specific Healthcare Issues at Cleveland Clinic Akron General

Cleveland Clinic Akron General serves Summit County and surrounding areas of Northeast Ohio. The hospital has been recognized by U.S. News & World Report's Best Regional Hospitals rankings for several years running. Some health concerns specific to this area may include:

Heart Disease

The CDC reports that heart disease was one of the top five leading causes of death in Ohio during 2020, which aligns with national trends where it remains the number one cause of mortality across all ages. As part of its cardiovascular services, Cleveland Clinic Akron General offers advanced treatments including minimally invasive procedures and robotic surgery.

Cancer Care

Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley provides cancer care through the Haslinger Family Pediatric Palliative Care Center, offering comprehensive support for children diagnosed with life-threatening illnesses. This center also collaborates closely with other regional institutions providing pediatric oncology services.

Community Engagement Initiatives at Cleveland Clinic Akron General

Cleveland Clinic Akron General actively engages with local communities through various initiatives aimed at promoting wellness and improving access to medical resources. These programs are designed to address disparities in healthcare delivery within underserved populations while fostering stronger relationships between patients and providers. Examples of these efforts include:

  • Community Outreach Program: Provides education about healthy lifestyles, preventative screenings, chronic conditions management, and more.
  • Offers free blood pressure checks every Wednesday morning at select locations throughout Greater Akron.
  • Healthy Communities Partnership (HCP): A collaboration among multiple organizations working together towards improved population health outcomes via policy changes, environmental improvements, enhanced clinical practices, increased economic stability, etc..

Cleveland Clinic Akron General Medical School Interview

URL Citation:

Interview Day at The Lerner College.

Mission Statement:

The mission statement of the Cleveland Clinic Akron General can be found on their official website under "About Us" section:

Our mission is to improve patient care by providing outstanding training opportunities that foster clinical excellence, compassionate care, professionalism, innovation, collaboration and leadership among our residents and fellows within an environment dedicated to lifelong learning.

Related Healthcare Issues:

For general health topics relevant to the area served by Cleveland Clinic Akron General, one could refer to resources provided by organizations like WebMD, MedlinePlus, and NIH's National Library of Medicine. These websites offer comprehensive information about various diseases, conditions, treatments, and preventive measures that are applicable nationwide but also pertinent locally due to regional variations in prevalence rates and access to care.

Region Specific Healthcare Issues:

To understand specific healthcare challenges faced by communities around the Cleveland Clinic Akron General location, it would be beneficial to look into local news articles and reports published by institutions like the Ohio Department of Health. Additionally, research studies conducted specifically in Northeast Ohio may shed light on unique health concerns affecting this population.

Community Engagement:

The Cleveland Clinic Akron General actively engages with its surrounding communities through initiatives aimed at improving public health and wellness. Information about these efforts can often be found directly on the institution's own web pages detailing outreach programs and partnerships established between hospitals and neighborhood groups.

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