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What is your opinion on medicine and research?
What is your greatest weakness?
Your little cousin needs to complete 40 hours of volunteering for his school. He thinks volunteering is useless and serves no purpose since you don't get paid for it. What would you say to convince him of the benefits of volunteering?

3 Interview Prep Resources

Current events
News You Missed in 2020 (Part 1)

News From Every Country in the World

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50 minutes
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Current events
Reddit - /r/worldnews

Subreddit for world news with comments for discussion.

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Health care issues
Canada's Policy and Programs for Employment and Social Development

Many MMI stations will call upon the applicant to propose a health policy that would improve the country. Knowing more about government initiatives to reduce health inequities will always be beneficial, especially with regards to high-yield topics like Indigenous health, rural health, and homelessness. I would recommend checking out all of the links under the "Social development" heading. My personal favourite is the "Housing First" approach under the Reaching Home: Canada's Homelessness Strategy link; it's a radical but convincing way to end homelessness in Canada while improving social capital and resources for people experiencing homelessness.

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