Turning missteps
into milestones
Your guide to success

Our past mistakes are now your your stepping stones for triumph.

Adaptive Data-Driven Guidance

Community insights to help us guide you

Hey, you're not on this journey alone. We have helped hundreds of students in your position and know what it's like. Your response informs our recommendations and guides our mentors to tailor their guidance to fit your progression profile.

Boosted learning with the community

You're among friends and experienced applicants

This is where we pull back the curtain to reveal the honest insights learned from our community: how many days we dedicate to practice, the aspects we're eager to learn more about, and the strategies that are moving us forward. As you navigate your own path, let the experiences and dedication of your peers illuminate the way and remind you that in this journey of improvement and discovery, you're never alone.

Prompts practiced by the community in 2024


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Committing 5+ days to practice

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* Need to learn a bit more
* Anxious
* Lost

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