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White Coat Black Art - Podcast (CBC)

Published on
March 22, 2023
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White Coat, Black Art is an original and provocative show demystifying the world of medicine. Host Dr. Brian Goldman reveals the culture of medicine and the health-care system from the point of view of those who work on the other side of the gurney. Doctors, nurses and other health-care providers explain how things really work and why, with a refreshing and unprecedented level of honesty.

Host Dr. Brian Goldman is a veteran ER physician and one of Canada's most trusted medical broadcasters. He has been an award-winning medical reporter for CBC Television's The Health Show as well as The National. He's known across Canada as CBC Radio One's "House Doctor." Brian has a proven knack for making sense of medical baffelgab. On White Coat, Black Art, he takes listeners past medical bluff and bluster and shows what really goes on at hospitals and clinics. Brian is also author of The Night Shift, Real Life in the Heart of the ER, which takes readers to the front line of emergency medicine and offers a compelling inside view into an often shrouded world.


Senior Producer Colleen Ross helmed CBC's Health and Science units in the depth of the COVID-19 pandemic and before that, covered national and global news. She produced special programming on the Humboldt Broncos bus crash, Hurricane Irma and Fidel Castro's death, as well as docs on everything from child soldiers to mad cow disease. Colleen created the acclaimed radio programs Babel, Saving Strangers and The Pronoun Shift. Before journalism, she was an au pair in France and a university lecturer in Germany, picking up French and German. Colleen volunteered with Cuso's maternal and child health program in Tanzania and Ethiopia, and Journalists for Human Rights in Ghana. In her spare time, she's writing a novel based in France and Mali and likes to sing, especially show tunes. Follow her: @w0rdofmouth.

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