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Doing Right by Philip C. Hébert

Published on
March 22, 2023
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About the book

A case-based approach that provides the advice and skills medical practitioners need to help patients and overcome ethical challenges Now in its fourth edition, Doing Right offers healthcare trainees and practitioners alike a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to contemporary biomedical ethics. Taking an applied case-based approach, this engaging text explores complex ethical issues through real-life scenarios, making it relatable to all types of healthcare professionals.


"Helping and not harming, keeping secrets, truth telling, and much more-Doing Right is a wise, highly readable, and practical guide towards being the kind of doctor or nurse every patient hopes to have. ―Priscilla Alderson, PhD, Professor Emerita, University College, London, UK
"Hebert and Rosen have accomplished something rare in the world of medical ethics books: they combine a library's worth of real-life clinical cases, with smart ethical analysis, supported by relevant historico-legal perspectives, to produce a thoughtful and practical approach to understanding (and resolving) ethical issues in medicine." ―Eric M. Meslin, PhD, FCAHS, and Former Executive Director, US National Bioethics Advisory Commission
"For over twenty years Doing Right has been regarded as the premier resource in Canada for teaching clinical ethics to health care professionals. This revised and expanded 4th edition ensures it will maintain that status for years to come" ―Daryl Pullman, PhD, Professor of Medical Ethics, Memorial University
"The foundational text in Canadian medical ethics has added engaging new material, while retaining its clarity and focus on practical decision-making. Everyone from undergraduate students to practicing clinicians will find this book instructive and inspiring." ―Dr Merril Pauls, CCFP(EM), MHSc, Professor & Co-director of Professionalism teaching, University of Manitoba
"This Fourth Edition of Doing Right provides an excellent overview of the ethical questions most frequently encountered in contemporary medical practice. Grounded in a diverse array of real-life cases, it will serve as an outstanding resource for ethics educators in Canada." ―Dr Mona Gupta, Associate Clinical Professor, Universite de Montreal and Chair of the Ethics Committee of the RCPSC

Helpful Amazon Reviews

Used for Med School Interview Prep

"Absolutely loved it! The book included lots of real world examples and case studies which I found the most useful and interesting to read. Overall, the book was great for med school interviews but would recommend it to anyone interested in healthcare or patient advocacy"

A Good ethical book

"This book raises many medical ethics issues in a much simpler form than the previous editions. I loved the case studies some of them are funny like a person being shot in their bum and what doctors did to help him.
The one thing that it does not get into is the pros and cons of explaining both sides. I feel like the author could have mentioned the pros and cons better of various issues like breaking confidentiality. He for examples, why we indeed break it but not in the form of "On the one hand......" but "on the other hand....."

About the Author

Philip C. Hebert is emeritus professor of family medicine in the Department of Family and Community Medicine at the University of Toronto and former chair of the Research Ethics Board at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre. Wayne Rosen is a clinical assistant professor in the Department of Surgery at the University of Calgary.

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