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Discover remarkable day-to-day moments through this question series to help prepare for personal questions on interview day.

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"Ums" and "Ahs"

What are you really looking forward to this week? I want to hear whether it'll be by yourself, with friends or family, where it'll be, and something specific why you think it'll be extra special
Tell me about something you learnt last week. What about it stuck with you?
There's a saying that "everyone is fighting a battle you know nothing about". What is the hardest thing you're currently going through? Does it affect the people around you too?
Is winning more important than ethics? Can you tell me a time when you thought you might have crossed the line?
I normally have a well-thought out schedule for the week and I slot in time to hang out with friends online over a drink. What are you looking forward to next week? It might be something small or big.
I'm a rainy day person. I love walking in the rain because it's calming to me and helps me think through hard problems. Does the weather affect your mood normally? Would your best friend would agree?
I'm fascinated with influential people and how they affect us. Can you share with me someone you deeply respect? What is it about them that makes them special?
How do you think your week so far compares with last week? Did you feel you had a good handle on your day-to-day?
Can you tell me about an amazing adventure you had? Take a moment to really visualise it. Pause to feel the emotions you experienced during key moments and do your best to relive your story. I'd love to hear it!
I adore children's books and the type of illustration that normally goes with it. What's your favorite childhood story? Do you think it has influenced you in some way?
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Rainy days
Influential people
Last week
Amazing adventure
Children's book

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