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Practise like it's game day. Real scenarios to make the real interview feel like just another videoath session.
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Our reviewers were interviewees or interviewers at the medical school you applied to. We give critical and honest feedback.
"I'm so glad I found this. It's made the interview phase so much better for me. I actually feel ready for my interview now!"
Margaret - Grad student

"What a great platform! I'm currently practicing for my MMI at UofT and so far have found it to be very helpful. Great UI and realistic MMI stations. Thank you!"

natteardi - Reddit user

"This website is a godsend, I wish I  found this earlier."

Greg - 4th year UofT Bio
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We know deliberate practice yields results. So we built a platform to give you a competitive boost. Compounded with personalised feedback from expert reviewers, you will be set up for success in the best way possible. Take on your interview with confidence.
What does it mean ... "videoath"?
Videoath is our community pledge. Since the beginning of our journey as physicians and clinicians, we have upheld the Hippocratic Oath. We pledge to prepare students in reaching their potential as health care providers through deliberate practice.

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